Thursday, 9 September 2010

Captains Log day 3

I got tooked to sea the doktor today ! Guess wot I hav to go in next week and hav my toothies done, my wart done and my gentleman’s bits sorted ! Well ye could have pushed me overboard and called me Cintheeia I wos not expekting it done at the same time. Still it be all out ov the way I guess but I be tellin ye this I hav neva and will neva wear a hornswoggling lampshade on me ol noggin. I got tooked on a nuw mode of perambulation as well today , it wos a big blue beast ov a fing butt it be havin comfy seatables so I be liking it quite a bit. I hav also been down to the canal for a wander around and a good ol sniff about which wos most welcome, some ov the smells were foreign to me . I fink one ov the niffs belonged to this scurvy varmint I spied lurking about

creepy varmint

I not be sure wot he is butt he is not a salty sea dog that be fur sure.

I wos sad to find out that baby Molly has crossed the bridge butt I know she be wiv my angel sister who will be luvin her big time along wiv her bruvver Tucker. I be hopin Miss Shelby is doing ok she has been such a brave lass and I be full ov admiration fur her and for her peeps.

I be findin the welcome I be gettin in bloggydom so amazin I can see why my Angel sister enjoyed herself so much here and I be knowin she was plannin a competition or two so I be hopin to carry her ideas forward in the future. She has left all her notes, plans n plottins on this here machine so I be able to work from all ov them so watch this space.

That be about it fur my fird day here I be off to practice shouting Go Vikings fur later tonight.

Yo Ho Me Hearties

rich 1


  1. Me miss baby Molly too...


    Oh I been looking on da goggle furs some deeeelish squirrel recipes...YUM!
    We read bout baby Molly and was so sad to hears bout her passing but we are sure Big Molly is takin' good cares of her.
    WE excited to find out what Molly had planned.


  3. We are also very sad about little Miss Molly but she must be in a happy way with Miss Molly Pops now.

    Too bad about the upcoming vet stuff, but it will be all over soon. Hope you don't end up with the lampshade - Phantom is so over that!!!

    And watch out for those squirrels - they are evil.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  4. Be sure to holler really loud so I can hear you! That is the first lesson in football! GO VIKINGS!

  5. Hi Rich nice to meet yea, was are having problems with them things, I mean the squirrel!! but they don't wear fancy dress over here!
    See Yea George xxx

  6. Who-wee! It was difficult to get the comment space to come up... I thinks that squirrel was causing interference!

    I'm sure Molly is taking care of baby Molly at the bridge. Such brave girls.

    Can't wait to hear what Molly had planned for us!



  7. Oh Snuffy Jack, you must share Molly's plans with me some day. I miss her so much! I was so sad to hear about Baby Molly...but I know Angel Molly will look after her.

    That squirrel looks mighty shifty. I would watch your back.

    Your pal, Pip

  8. Hi Rich, I remember when I had to go to the VET for THAT. My mom called it TUTORING. Pfffft on that stuff. I still miss my boys.
    I am very much glad that you like Bloggville. I think it is a grrrreat place too.
    It is soooooo super that you are going to complete Molly's work!! She would like that.

  9. Oh no...not a pirate squirrel???? Be careful!!

    Smileys and Snuggles,
    Dory, Bilbo and Jacob!

  10. Hi, Rich!
    You are going to have an interesting time at the Vets! I am sure everything is going to be ok!
    I am sad to know about baby Molly. But I know Miss Molly is taking good care of her.
    Kisses and hugs

  11. EeeeeK....a Pirate Squirrel~~~

    Is that what da squirrels wear across da Pond??? My squirrels are just plain naked! Thank goodness.

  12. Hello's deres Rich!! 'dis be Anakin Man!!

    Me see a Squirrel!! I's has a chipmunk calling me punk!! He be botherin' me's alls 'da times!!

    Stay strong for yous vet visit arrrhhggg....

    and Molly is proud of yous!!!

    Anakin Man

  13. I heard you last night! You did a great job! However, even with all of our cheering sadly the Vikings lost....but there are many more games so keep practicing!


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