Sunday, 12 September 2010

I have a koff :o(

I kept Ma awake a lot last nite wiv my koffin and she finks I hav kennel koff which I have to say sux big time. But she has got me som koff mixture for kidlets so hopefully that will help me get a good nites kip tonite ( which means Ma can get some kip too….bol).

It has been a quiet day today mostly due to the fact that Ma still has not got her talkin back yet so Pa an me hav not got moaned at hehehehe. Guess what today be tho ? I only just founded out it be Ma n Pa’s annyverseri they hav been togevver a hole year today how kool is that ? I be most pleased for em and they do seem to be verry happy well as happy as hoo-man peeps can be. My furiend Pip had a good gotcha/birthday judgin by his photys today, Ma liked the one where he has Angel sister Mollys photy on his pillow and she has putted it up as her laptop background. Evvery time she looks at it she be smilin, I be likin when she smiles cos her eyes go crinkly.
Ma done somfin verry verry weird today she put odd fings on her fingers so they now look like she be havin flagses on the ends ov em, peeps can be most strange I hav decided.


Wot do yu fink ? She wanted stars n stripes but couldn’t find them her ultimate nails would be the Texas State flag but there not be a chance ov gettin them here she says.

I not sure ifs I am s’posed to tell anyone this but the day my Angel sister crossed the bridge Ma had somfing special done would you likes to see it ? If you would let me know and I will sneak a photy ov it on later ( but don’t be tellin ma now will yu )

I be sorry I not made it round evvry ones bloggys today but cos me feelin a bit icky I been takin it easy wiv my pal Peter as yu can see in this ere photy



Anyway lets me know about seein Ma’s special Molly fing won’t yu.

Lots of wiggles n woofs



  1. Sorry your not feeling to good, Happy Annyerseri to your Ma and Pa, now your moms nails they be the flag of the UK called the union JACK, now could there by a message there me thinks so.
    I'll see you in space, it will be fun
    See Yea George xxx

  2. Having a cough isn't very much fun but it doesn't usually last too long... we like your mom's nails, they be very funky! Let your mom and dad that we've said happy anniversary to them...

    Sam and Pippen

  3. Happy Anniversary and many, many more to your Mom and Dad, Rich!!! And of course, we would love to see that secret thing:)

    Kennel cough is no fun, hope you can get rid of it soon.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  4. Those nails are pretty!! I am sorry you have a koff! I say a prayer for you!


  5. Sorry 'bout the khough -

    I hope the magikh stuffs will make it go away -

    Of khourse we'd like to see the sekhret thing - but we won't tell woo told us -


  6. Oh Silly me LOL.
    See Yea George xxx

    Sorry you feel icky sicky. BAH
    YES Y E S OH YES... I want to see the thingy we won't mention on a counta moms tend to snoop in our stuffs.

  8. Happy Anniversary Ma and Pa!
    Her nails look pawesome!
    I am so sorry you are not feeling pretty well!
    I hope the med helps you to get better soon!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  9. Happy Anniversary to your mom and dad!!! I am so happy they are happy! Though I am most unhappy to hear you have kennel cough - that must be no fun at all!! I hope you feel better soon!

    Your pal, Pip

  10. Please tell your Mom and Dad Happy Anniversary from me. I guess it'll be a little late, because it's pretty much tomorrow in the UK, but it's still today here. Of course it's today there, too, but a different today. Right - well then - I hope you're feeling much better very soon.

    lotsa licks, Lola

  11. Happy Anniversary!!!
    Hope the sickies goes away~

    pretty finger nails~

    Kisses to Sweet Captain Rich!
    IzZY, Josie and Anakin Man


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