Saturday, 30 October 2010

I’m baaack !

Sorry I has been away but fings ere went a bit hinky this week. Wot wiv getting da nu sista ( I must stop callin her Sissy in my head….. Bol ) , her havin an upset tummy , me catchin it too, doktor visits and gettin to know her properly it has been hektik.

Rite well sista Ronnii has a tummy bug and she had to go visit the doktor yesterday and she has medikayshuns now fer upset and speshul gastro intessti-somefing health food to helps her recover poperly. She don’t like takin her pills tho and spits em out which is sooooooo funny as Ma ends up chasin pills across da floor. Da doktor fort she was sooper sweet tho and so do I which seems to makes Ma very happy. I wents to see the doktor dis mornin and the nice lady says my heart is ok and the nu pills are doin dere job which is pawesome, she had a looksy at my tummy button cos Ma was worried cos is has becomed an outtie button instead ov a flat one and I has a small him-nia ( Fanks for da correct spellin Miss Maggie Mae, she knows becos her Dad had one and he has had to hav the hoperation fer his ) but we just needs to keep an eye on it. I also got a sooper spiffy red bandage to support my ankles when day play up and to cover my toe-sies when dey gets sore so all in all a good visit and I wos so good dey offered me a treat buts I didn’t fancy it. I just wanted to gets home to Ma and Ronnii ( Ronnii needed an ear wash I wos wantin to gets it done ).

Me and Ronnii be gettin on verry well and I luvs to snuggle up wivs her



and she has showed me it is okays to go poop in the back yard which is savin me paw a lot. It is most cool havin a sista I has to say, she be most beeyooteous too and I finks I may has to watch out fer boyz wantin to cort her………. dey will hav to gets fru me first.

She does reminds me ov someone tho…………..



Wots do yu all fink ?




Pee S. We will try and catch up wiv all ov your bloggys asap


  1. Wow, that last picture she looks SO MUCH like Molly is amazing. Sure glad you are back, we were getting a little worried since you weren't around for a few days.

    Your pal, Pip

  2. I'm so glad you're back! Upset tummies are not fun. Are you feeling betters yet? I had a hernia when I was a pup and they had to fix it when I went in to have my spay. But the v-e-t said normally it would probably be fine as is but since they were "going in" anyway... shivers!! Hopefully they leave yours alone but if nots, it's not to skeery.


  3. So glad to hear you are both on the mend with your meds. Hope the hernia button goes back inside.

    Pip is right, your little sister does look a lot like Molly, Maybe Miss Molly sent her to you.

    Happy Halloween.

    HowlWoos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  4. Welcome back Richie!!!

    Oh my doggies! Ronnii does looks so much like our sweet Molly, gave my mom da goosey bumps when she looked at da pictures of dems. Sorry youz have a him-nia like my dad but I can takes care of youz if you needs an operation to fix it cuz I am an expert now... :)

    Mom and me is happy you and Ronnii is feelin' betters and gettin' along too....yay!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  5. That Ronnii is TRULY a pretty girrrl and you are right to keep an eye out for the BO dawgs.
    Sorry she has been sicky and that your tummy button is un-done. I am sure it will all be ok though beclaws I am gonna send you some of my bestest healing Vibes... SHARE THEM... beclaws they are Mighty Power Packed.

  6. Glad you two are getting back to full health, its so sweet seeing you both asleep together, who does she look like Molly of course.
    See Yea George xxx

  7. Woo are surely khwite the team already!

    Me thinks a certain Molly helped send her your way fur she KNEW she was the sisfur fur woo!

    Khyra and The Golden Khousins


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