Thursday, 21 October 2010

WOW ! It’s Thursday Already

Ohhhhh I has the urge to spill the beens buts I so don’t wanna spoil Ma’s secret surprise, we is all so excited abouts it and if I be onest I is a wee bit nervous too but by Sunday nite all will be reveeled. Oh I is gonna change the subject quick before my snout runs away wivs me.

My Sooper Auntie Eileen came to see me today she was my foster Mom before Ma and she was angel sista Mollys foster mom too so as you can imagine she is uber special to me and Ma. It was so lovely to see her and I got lots and lots of sooper huggles and bigs lovs from her which was pawesome. She bought me some little boots to save my tootsie but I ave to be honest I don’t likes em at all but I will keep at it wivs em or Ma says she will takes me to the doktor and we don’t want that now. Auntie Eileen  had a great foot about claw covers so Ma will looks into that first before the doktor as it may work better fer me. Then Auntie Wilma and Uncle Fred came fer visits too which was evven more pawesome cos they took me for a stroll buts Uncle Fred was weird he tooks his cup of tea wivs him ……….. he is a funny one I finks I will hav to watch him yu know.

Anyway thats about all fer my day yesterday.

Hopes all is well wiv yu all




  1. Oh Richie...
    You are a Big tease now...
    If I guess, can you just nod: Yes or No?
    Pleeeeeease... I'm dying here... I'm a Terrier you know and I HAVE to know everything!

    Cool that you got to visit with relatives. That is always sooo much fun :o)
    Hope the bootie works out for you my friend.

    Neeko :o)
    P.S. Let me know about the guessing game...

  2. That sounds like a very busy and fun day, Rich!

    I know you must be getting VERY excited!!!! We are too!!!!!


  3. *wink wink*

    your sekhret is safe with us!


  4. OK, I better keep this short because I got a big mouth for a little dog ...OK, my mama's make me log off now.

    Your pal, Pip

  5. Now Richie between the COUNTER and your Post I am sooooo excited about your big SECRET. I can't wait to find out what it is. It is rather naughty of you to tease us this way.

  6. You certainly are busy....BTW you can trust me....go ahead and tell me....

  7. What a Most Wonderful day you had, Richie! Isn't it just super amazing that we have such angels here on earth like your Auntie Eileen? Sorry abouts your booties but you're right...they're better than having to go to the dogtor.

    Wiggles & Wags,

    PeeS. I can hardly wait for the surprise!


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