Friday, 19 November 2010

Oh My What A Couple

Ov days I haz had, can yu believe my little sista gotz herself arrested and frown into the cells at da cop shop, I finks she iz gonna turn outz to be a rite handful. Mind yu she gotz herself arrest-a-magated fer all da rite reasons I guess.

It all started wen Miss Puddle Duddles sayd she woz back……. most ov yu don’t know but Ronnii looks ups to Miss Puddles an she finks Miss Puddles iz da bestest fing since da invention ov rawhide chewies. So she gotz the idea into her head to go out an getz supplies fer celebratin wivs……………. well yu an me both know dat meens BEER ! Ronnii gots cheesy wotsits ( da nearest fings to cheetos we gotz in da YooKay ) then she wentz to get da beer. Dis is were she gotz unstuck cos she be UNDERAGE and dey carded her, wot does Ronnii pull outz to show dem……………… her library card day she had written on in pink crayon to make it lookz like an ID card.

ronnii id card

Who dids she finks she woz fooling ?  Well da sales girl sayd she had to checks it wiv her boss and she supposedly went to getz him next fing my sista know there is two police occifer dogs and two armed Hoo-man occifers next to herz.




Next fing she knowz dey slappin da cuffs


on her pawz, marchin her outz da store and puttin her in da paddy wagon  !


She got tooked to da police station


an she woz charged wivs

‘ Attempting to procure alcohol using a false ID card ‘. She woz verry scareded by now cos she knew Ma would be evver so slightly cross wivs her. Da cop dogs told her she could make a phone call so she called me to go getz her out, she sayd I would need to pay £87 to getz her out and I should smash her kitty bank and getz her treat money out’

Fer dat amounts ov money I had to smash her Kitty bank


and my emergency treat money box


I was still a bit short so I had to rummage down da backs ov da couches and came up wivs enough loose change to make up for the shortfall. I sneakily snaffled Pa’s rumbly bus ticket fingy and I crept out ov da house, I got on da stinky, scary rumbly monstery bus fingy to da cop shop. I woz most nervous about going in cos I not be knowin wot to expect but da occifer on da desk was verry noce and kind and he tooked da £87 from me and said he would go and find da arrestin occifers to come talkz wivs me. Occifer Dan came out and he said dat Ronni woz showin she woz sorry and dat dey would lets her off wivs a stern warning and a good waggin ov dere finger at herz and dat we didn’t hav to pay da £87 as she woz just gettin a warning an he gave dat backs to me. Wot a relief dat woz cos I fort we would go treatless fer a long time. He den went and gots my naughty sista who came out lookin very sorry fer herself and rather ashamed too ( so she should as well ), I fink the whole situation had really scareded her lots. I gave her a big hug and told her it woz okays cos I had not toldz Ma or Pa and we would keeps it as our secret. To say she woz most happi bout that wood be puttin it mildly.

She has been a little quiet since we got back buts me finks dat the whole ordeal just tired her out big stylee. Like I sayd at da beginning she did it fer all da rite reasons…………. celebrating da Lovely Miss Puddles return but in future if she wants beer fer celebratin I will be going to getz it fer her………………..bol.




PeeS. Not sure how we going to explain away our broken money boxes tho……….BOL


  1. Oh RICHIE... this started out soooooo bad, butt DID finally work out OK. WHEW. Pooor Ronnii. You will need to talk with her. Pink Crayons are NOT for.. THAT. Young Ones... they have soooooo much to learn. She is very much lucky to have such a Loving and Caring Brother.
    Did she get to keep the Pink Fur covered Cuffs as a Reminder???? I'm thinin those might be kinda ummmmm ahhhhh hummmmm

  2. Oh noes!! Ronni had better behave herself!!

    Woofs and Kisses!
    The Fiesty Three

  3. OMD!!! The slammer is no place for little Ronnii! Just ask Frankie and I we know how ROUGH it is in the BIG HOUSE. That Puddles has led many dogs astray. Next time, ask me to buy the beer. I don't even get carded anymore - I guess the grey hairs give me away.

    Your pal, Pip

    P.S.: I am going to be laughing about that library card all day.

  4. Whew, we were really worried about Ronnii for a while there - glad the big brother was able to get her out. Now on to the pawty!!!

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  5. That card looked pretty good to me. :)


  6. Ohmidogness! I'm so very much glad that Ronnii has a good brudder like you to go gets her outta the clink! I just bet she'll never ever do that again! (And please tell her that I gots a few keggers in my garage so she won't ever have to worry abouts the beer again.)

    Wiggles & Wags,

  7. Bwhahahahahahaha...OMG, da library card and da crayons...BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Okays, now dat was GOOD!!!!!!! Poor Ronii, if I hads known her looked up to me so much I could've given hers some beer (shhhhhhh, I know her underage).
    I s glad herscan turn to you Richie and you will keeps her safe.


  8. Oh my goodness! I'm so glad you were able to spring her from jail, Richie!! We'll have to have a pawty so we're all there to keep her from getting into trouble with those coppers!


  9. Richie!
    Sure Ronnii had an interesting adventure!
    Glad you went to rescue her!
    Kisses and hugs

  10. Mama's last illusion crushed: bobbies with tommy guns! Last time mama was in England back in the dark ages, bobbies didn't carry guns of any kind. Just whistles. Maybe some had a nightstick.

    Now to Miss Ronnii's Terrifying Adventure. Whatever possessed the sweet dear? Sad when a girl from a good home, with such loving parents, goes astray. We're sure her heart is pure and she had nothing but the best intentions, but it appears her judgement is a little lacking. Clearly, Richie, your job is cut out for you, looking out for your sister & protecting her so she doesn't break your poor parents' hearts. Maybe you need to screen her friends a little more closely? Lady Gaga may be a beloved Major Public Figure, but what mother wants her daughter to model her behavior after Lady Gaga? Are you catching our drift here about another Major Public Figure?

    Jed & Abby

  11. Heeeeheeeeheeeeee! I'm sorry, I don't mean to giggle at poor Ronni's woes, butt part of your story really cracked me ups!

    Heeeheeee.......especially da pink crayons on her library card and da fuzzy handcuffs!!!!

    Good one!

  12. oh thish just made ouw day . youw awe so sweet for gettin hers out of the slammer.

    pibble sugars
    the pittie pack


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