Thursday, 30 December 2010

My 1st Crimbo

Well yesterday I dids introduce yu all to my nu pal Norbert.


Well he was my surprise gift from my bestest buddy Pip, Me n Ronnii are soooo lucky to havs such a wonderous furiend as him. I do luvs my nu pal, me n hims hav had some long talks already butt I must confess me is strugglin wivs learnin his language of Sqeeek-a-ma-long. Fankfully we manage to make ourselves understood butt I am goin to see if Alien has a multi-galacticical-translatory-ma-bob-gizmo he could lets me borrow.

From da wonderful JD & Max we did gets a sooper di dooper seleck-shun box ovs nommy treatables, Da Momster had hidden it away from us so it was a mahoosive surprise. It was very kinds ovs yu to be finkin ovs us.


When we all gots up on Crimbo morn da Santy Paws had been and our stockin was stuffed ova flowin, we was most lucky we did gets speshul dog mince pies n dog treats from Percy, pigs ears, cows ears, turkey stuffed bones, a pawesome nu bed ( which da sista dids show yu all ) and from da sista I gots some nommy chewy sticks, a turkey stuffed bone n somefing else thats I will show yu all later.

Here is a photy ovs some ovs my giftys


Now dat super tennis ball dumbell it do sqeek n da doggy in da middle him does talks to yu, dere yu is all snuggled up wivs him sound alseeps when yu roll ova on him, den him talks at yu , wakes yu n makes yu jump ! ! Dem dis comes in my Secret Santa from TLDR along wivs lots of nommables includin the most pawesome Roast Chicken shortbread bones YUMMO ! ! ! ! !

FANK YU SECRET SANTA me luvs evry fing yu did carefully chose fer me.

Now befor me does continue I must issue dis for Health n Safety reasons.

Okays here is wots da sista did gets me

ANTLERS ! ! ! ! Can yu beleeves it ? Heres me spendin 87 gazillion pounds on a diamond collar fer her n she gets me ANTLERS ! ! She has such a sense ovs fun dat girly bless her, Da Momster fort dey was kewl ( nd so do I reely butts don’t let her know dat…..Bol ).

Now wivs my wart ( which me had not long caught so it looks all red ) n me antlers on I finks me makes a kewl rainydeer ! Wots do yu fink ?

Now Da Momster gots some lovely fings from Da Popster she dis gets a sooper fleecy Mickey Mouse Nightshirt, some warm pj bottoms a most soft n snuggly dressing gown in a print Angel sista Molly would havs luvved plus some sleep masks becos lots ovs light comes in her bedroom at nite time. Momster fort she should test dem all out so she putted dem all on so her did just dat and ovs course to test out sleepy  time stuffs one needs to lay down so dats just what her dis n fell asleep……BOL Dis is wot her did looks like ( Ohhh me is so gonna get it fer dis butts me not care cos her looks Soooooooooooo very funny )


Told yu her looked most funny didnt I.

We had da most Pawesome First Crimbo in our foreva home, me n Ronni finks we is so lucky to have great pawrents n a nice comfy house dat is geared towards us, our lounge is full ovs comfy beds, blankies n pillows fer us to sleeps on, sofas we are allowed on, even in Da Momsters bedroom dere is a speshul small box chair so we can gets onto da bed easily so it is a kewl place to be.

At da end ovs da day da bestest Crimbo gift in da world we has by da ton n dat is luv. I luvs Da Momster, Da Popster and me even luvs my annoying little sista Ronnii and da best bit ovs all is dey all luvs me back too.

Okays I dids put up funny photys ovs Da Momster so only fair I puts dese ones ups ovs me inDa Momsters bed late Crimbo nite.



So Dat was our Crimbo, I hopes yu all hads a sooper di dooper splendiferous one likes we all dids.




  1. Oh dat Pip is sumptin else ain't he! I do believes him is da bestest pal.
    Boy you sure did gets tons of awesome stuffs fur Christmas. Dat Ronii givin' you antlers was TOOOOOOOO funny...hehehehe!
    Dat sleeping mask your mom has on is hilarious...but her is still beautifuls to me.


  2. Richie, you are a very good sport to wear those antlers after you got Ronnii that fancy collar! I think you get the right to post funny pictures of your family after that!


  3. Hi Richie my pal,

    I am so glad you like Norbert. I am most certain that Alien will help with translation - especially since miss Ronnii helped him save Christmas and all. She is on the A-list now - A as in Alien!

    You look very cool in those antlers! Too bad, we didn't have you along to help with those drunken reindeer!

    I am SO HAPPY you enjoyed your first Christmas! I know you bring lots of joy to your family, too!

    Your pal, Pip

  4. I just know that Norbert and Alien are gonna be takin you and Ronnii on some super adventures.
    Awwwwww look at your momma. She is all super snuggled and comfy with the two of you.
    That is just about the most beautiful picture I have ever seen. It almost SHINES with Love and Caring. Sigh
    Hey you have a super duper Yappy New Ears Header there.
    You and Ronnii have the mostest EXCITING blogs. I just love seeing what you have planned fur us next.
    I want to wish you the Happiest New Year EVER.

  5. Richie!
    I am very happy to know your and Ronnii had a pawesome Christmas!
    Even with the antlers!
    Your mom's mask is great!
    Kisses and hugs

  6. Richie,

    I am so happy dat you and Ronnii had a wunderful Christmas! Look at all dose great pressies! Having a furever home is da best pressie of all. :)

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  7. We got one of those tennis ball dumbell things too!! :) We love it.
    The antlers are very very cute. We think it was a great present idea. haha!
    ~Milly and Shelby

  8. WOW, Richie! You really did have the bestest Crimbo that ever was! You all gots Most Wonderful pressies and I very much like your antlers. You kinda look like that doggie in The Grinch Who Stole Christmas. What was his name? Oh yeah...MAX! You kind look like Max!

    Oh, and I didn't think that picture of your momster with the two of you was embarrassing at all. I think it's one of the sweetest pictures I ever saw. Everybuddy all safe and warm together. And that's what Crimbo is all abouts!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  9. Hi Richie! We think it looks like you had a super awesome first Crimbo! And that was so cool of Pip to send you Norbert! He will be a fun guy to hang out with (you know, when you need a little time away from your sister - we have that here at our house too - guy time). And boy we think you look cute in your antlers - but we did see the collar you got Ronnii and it was so super fancy and a very sweet present from you! We think you would be a great reindeer if Santa ever needed help though!

    And we think that it is great your mom got good stuff too, but we bet the best part of Crimbo for her was getting to spend it with you and Ronnii!!


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