Saturday, 8 January 2011

Saturdays Mumbles

First fings first let me say a big YAY ‘cos’ Lola is on da mend and so is Hero although he has a little way to goes yet. But da fact dey is on da mend is fantasmagorical news and has bought da happies to our house.

Also shock news abouts an upcoming race ! ! ! !


My BFF Pip is havin a race wivs Bunny………. her ov da uber long leggies. Now Pipster sayd dat bunny has challenged him to dis race because she doubts the genuine-ness ovs his ‘Worlds Fastest Dog’ video which I knows is most genuine but I finds myself in a pickle now ‘cos’ dey both be my furiends so who do I supports……………. ?  Well me n Miss Bossy Knickers ( aka Ronnii ) has decided dat I will cheer da Pipster on and she will stick wivs da girls and root fer Bunny as dis seems fairest to us here.

Also a big Fank Yu to all ovs yu who left Da Momster such nice messages ovs support for her ree-voo, she wents in wivs her usual expect da worst butts hope fer da best attitude and got told pretty much whats she was expect-a-matin so she not too sad. She is somewhat peeved ( Da Momster used an HBO words dere unlikes me ) about if she decides to have da next treatment her fur will fall outs yet again butts her has already picked out some fake hair fur just in case. I spect she will be doin her own post soon once her non furry babe is back froms his school ski trip tomorrow. She be worried ‘cos’ him was in a multi hoo-man pile up on da slope which resulted in a tangle ov skis and him havin to go to da hopsital, so as yu can imagine she is desperate to see him and check hims injuries out fer her self. Yu know what a worry wort she can be…….. BOL.

Befor I goes I has to share dis photy wivs yu all, Miss Bossy Knickers gots a baff dis week n she did looks like a little drowned rat wen she gots out, I just sats on da bed BOL at her. Her was not impressed wivs me or Da Momster ( cos she had da flashy box ) so please lets me introduce Little Miss Wet Rat ovs 2011




and here she be getting dried wivs da blowy fing


and last butt not least her ‘ Get dat flashy box outta my face before I bites yor nose’ shot



Being a big bruvver can be so rewardin sometimes …………….BOL ! !




  1. Ummmmm RICHIE... just a word of warning here... messing with the sister (AKA Miss Bossy Knickers) when she is gettin a BAFF is NOT a wise thingy.. Paybacks can be ............ SCARY.

    I am glad that your momma didn't get any unexpected news. Heck, tell her she is just gonna start her Spring time Shed a little early. We will just have to all join her in that!!! How does that sound??? She won't feel so all alone that way.
    I am terribly sorry to hear about the BOY. PLEASE let us know how he is doing. SCARY.
    I will send him some of my good VIBES>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  2. Hey Richie!
    Wow, this is a busy post. Lots going on in your world. I am sending my bestest healing thoughts to everyone!! Thanks for sharing the fun pix of your wet rat! BOL It's all very funny till someone gets grouchy...then it's REALLY very funny!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  3. I agree with my BF, Sarge! We are sending LOTS of healing vibes over the pond to Momma Tea and her boy. Skiing accidents are so skery! Keep us posted okay??

    Lots of snuggles,

  4. We are sorry your mom didn't get better news. Mom says she remembers the last time she went down to see her grandma and her grandma and her mom both had lost all their head fur. She was the only one who had some! We have our paws crossed that things will get better soon.

    I'm not upset that you're betting on Pip! He's my friend, too, but he is SO not winning this race!


  5. Oh, Richie thanks for your support! Bunny is my friend, too, and we will be friends when this is all over, too! May the fastest dog win!

    You know I am sending lots of love to your mom and her boy. I still believe 2011 is going to be healing year for all of us!

    Ronnii looks just like me after a bath! Seriously, we could be twins!

    Your best pal, Pip


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