Thursday, 27 January 2011

YAY Congrats Mayzie

On your whole year of bloggyin !

To celebrates dis momentus okayshun Mayzie is havin a commentathon TODAY ! !


For every comment her gets today her Moms is going to donates 25 scents ( up to 100 green papers ) to Second Chance Animal Rescue Foundation , dis be da place dat rescued da most beeyooteous Miss Mayzie PLUS dats not all Mayzies Momster has also said One lucky, drawn-at-random commentor will also gets a MATCHING DONATION sent to the rescue or shelter of their choice! So that means if we raise 100 green papers for Second Chance, another rescue gets 100 green papers, too! How kewl is dat ?

So whats yu all waitin fer gets ova dere as soon as her has done her posty and gets commentin. I has been moan in a lots lately as yu all know butts today I has has been moan n badgerin Da Momster to sends some ovs my treats money to Second Chance Animal Rescue Foundation and hers has finally agreeds we can makes a donation to fanks dem fer rescuing such a wonderful girl as Mayzie so as soon as her papers in is da bank next weeks we will be doin just dat . We dat is me, Ronnii n Da Momster feels we gets such a lots ovs support from all ovs yu dat its da least we can do to supports yu all in such a small way . We do so appresheate all ovs yo so very much yu know.

Now anuvver fing yu can all do is votes for Ziggy him is Mayzies furend Ziggy has entered a picture contest and if you click on that “I Voted for Ziggy” sticker, you can go vote for him, too! And maybe it’ll even help him find his forever home! You can vote every 12 hours and you don’t even have to register to do it! now I has voted already twice so gets votin yu lovely lot just click on da piccy below.


Rite that be all da peace Da Momster is gettin from me now cos I can feel my snores comin on now.

Nite all




PeeS. We gots some herbal calmin pills  ( Scullcap & Valerian )fer me from da dog-tor today paws crossed dey helps


  1. I hope to see you at Mayzie's Place tomorrow morning!! hehehe
    I am soooo glad you put up the votey thingy fur Ziggy. I was havin trouble with my internets connections earlier today and couldn't get through then... so I tried your thingy and POOF.. I got there and Voted fur him. THANKS.
    Sleep tight and dream of Squeeeeeeeekie toys and yummy BONES!!!

  2. I am ready for Mayzie's Commentathion!
    Now... let me go and vote for Ziggy!
    Kisses and hugs

  3. a commentathon. Thats a big word. See ya there
    Benny & Lily

  4. Awwww, Richie! You and Ronnii and your mum is just the bestest EVER! Thank you so much for telling everybuddy abouts my Commentathon and abouts Ziggy. Wouldn't it just be super wonderful if he finally found his forever home?

    Wiggles & Wags,

  5. I have been saving up lots of comments for Miss Mayzie tomorrow! Can't wait to help her celebrate.

    Now Richie, you take those pills and calm down ...

    Your best pal, Pip

  6. YaY fur Mayzie! See you there!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae


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