Friday, 25 February 2011


A bits better, slowly but surely I will gets dere. Da Moms says I has to takes fings slowly cos dis has knocked me fer six what ever dat means…………..bol. Fankfully tho I has not lose my bark n can still much to Ronnii’s disgust…………….mwahhaahaa.

I wants to fanks everyone who is helping me , all ovs us here appreciates it so very much. We has renamed Da Momster she is now known as Da Emotional Blub Monster or EBM fer short, her do get leaky ova so many fings at da moment butts I guess dat be hoo-mans fer yu. Strange bunch dat dem is .

Me n Da EBM is goin fer a short stroll soon just us which will do us both some good as she is not liking goin out at da moment n her tries to avoid it ifs she can butts me is not lettin her gets away wivs dat cos I is refusin to poop in da yard today so her has to go out …. der be method in my madness BOL

I is lookin forward to da banquet at da weekend butts me will be bringin some speshul delicate tummy noms wivs me ( deep joy cos me would rather havs Pips cheesy burgers ), I may even be persuaded to dress up as somefing sill yu neva know


See yu all soon me must drag EBM out cos me needs to poop like NOW




  1. Hope that you made it out to poop in time!! hehehe In fact I am glad that you have been eating enough TO need to POOP!! Pooping is SOOOO very much impawtant.. at least to US. I don't think that your momster should be called a blub monster. She is such a sweetie.
    I am SOOOOOOO glad that you will be feeling up to attending the Banquet!!! THAT just MADE my DAY!!!!!! See you there!!!

  2. Yea, just wha Frankie least you has sumptin to poop out which means you has been eatin' some...hehehe!
    Your poor mom has been through alot so I understnd dat emotional stuffs. Please give her a hug from me!


  3. Hi Richie, I am so glad you are feeling better. I was SO worried. My mom's moods are like ...well, I don't know what they are like, but they certainly are up and down and she definitely has her moments of being the Blub Monster.

    See you tomorrow!

    Your pal, Pip

  4. We are furry glad to hear you are feeling better; we stopped by from seeing your link at Frankie's blog.
    We are donating some homemade goat milk soap (doggy themed!) for the auction; we sure are hoping to help bring in lots of furry green money for you!

    Rudy's Raiser

  5. Yay! Banquet!

    See you there.


  6. I have a secret... but mom says it's a surprise. Boo! But I think it will make you feel a little better!!

    See you at the banquet!


  7. I am furry glad you are feeling good enough to be pooping, hehehe.

    We have a song dedication fur you and your Mom, remember to check it out!



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