Sunday, 20 February 2011

Frankie Is Da Bestest !

Oh my Paws havs yu all seen what my wonderful furiend FRANKIE has gone nd done ? Him has shaved his fur off to show his support fer Our Momster. Dis mades our Momster eyes go all leaky butts her eyes has been doin dat a bit lately cos not only has she been feelin poopy butts me is sick too. So Moms has been double worried bouts me as well as feelin poopy. Butts Frankie doin what Frankie does best has mades her most happy even tho her eyes has been leakin.

We has not been around much dis weeks cos Ronnii n me has been makin sure dat Moms rests lots cos her treatment makes her feel uber tired n she been feelin all  blu . We been doin our bestest to keeps her cheery butt it not easy when yu is only little doglets. Fankfully she is now startin to feel more likes her pawsitive self again even ifs her still be mega tired. So dat be a good fing.

Me bein sicky last nite hasn’t helped much tho cos she was ups most ovs da nite wivs me cos me was all pukey. Butts her n Da Popster took me to da mergency vet today. Da vet lady did stick da dreaded temp takin stick up my butt which was most undignified, butt me has a temprature BOO ! Her did givs me a hooj anti-bye-otikal injection n her did takes some ovs my red stuff to test again BOO ! Butt me was brave. Me has a bad tummy so I has  two different kinds of tablets to takes now n I has to see my normal vet on Tuesday. Moms is so relieved cos she fort my heart was packin up on me n her was so scared she was gonna lose me. Silly Moms don’t she know I has no plans to leave her ever !

So we will be back as usual within the next day or so fank heavens.

Frankie yu is da most pawesome furiend to do dat fer my Moms , her appreciates so very much n so does me n Ronnii.





  1. Richie, you are so right!!! Frankie IS the bestest. We saw what he did for your Mom this morning and thought what a special guy he is. We hope this is a better week for your Mom and that you too are feeling much better.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  2. Oh Frankie is something else. What a great way to show support
    Benny & Lily

  3. Oh noes!!! My little sweetie is not feeling good?!?!?!?

    Here is a big (((Hug))) to you from Houston!

    I hope you and your momma feel betters soon!!

    Love and Kisses,

  4. Wichie
    I saw on Fwankie's bloggie his heawtfelt gift to youw Ma
    he is the bestest fwiend
    I too want to give hew my stwenght and love to help hew gain hew enewgies back and beat this howwid monstew
    smoochie kisses

  5. Lots of love to you both. Good friends like Frankie must help xx

  6. Hi Richie,

    I just read Frankie's post and you are right, he is the greatest doggie in the whole world. What a special friend!

    I am so sorry you are not feeling well. Tummy troubles are no fun,I know from experience. Please feel better soon!

    Your pal, Pip

  7. We saw what Frankie did and think it's just the sweetest! Are paws are crossed that your momma gets better soon! And we hope that you feel better too.

  8. Richie!!! I just read Minna's post. You did it,buddy! She seems quite taken with you!

    Your pal, Pip

  9. We were so moved by Frankie's post. We are here to tell you that we are praying for you mom person. We know that you can help her beat this thing.

    Nubbin wiggles & hugs,
    Oskar & Pam

  10. We have had our paws crossed for you momster, and now we have our paws crossed for you, too, Ritchie! I hope you're all feeling lots better soon!


    P.S. Blueberry says her butt is bald and she'll gladly sympathize with your mom if that helps! Trust me, though, you don't want to see a picture of her butt!

  11. Awwwwww Richie - that wuz a most speshal thin' that Mayor Frankie did fer your mom. We du hopez that your mom a' u will git tu feelin'better really soon. We all here at Team Beaglebratz r prayin'fer u both tu feel better.
    ~Shiloh'n Shasta~
    (n'mom tu)

  12. Richie - We hope you and your Mom are feeling better soon! That Frankie is such a thoughtful guy and we hope his show of support gave all of you a little smile. Take care and rest up. It's most important that you feel better!!!

    The Road Dogs

  13. richie!

    that mr. frankie sure does now just the thingie to make everybuddy feel the lovins! he did such a most special like thingie for your mama, and i'm glad that made her feel the warm fuzzies inside. me and asa and mama hope that you and your mama will be feelin' the betterment asap!!

    the booker man

  14. Hi, Richie!
    Yes! Frankie is a pawesome friend and he did it specially for your mom!
    My paws are crossed and my mom prays for your mom everyday! We hope she gets better soon!
    And you too! I am sure the meds will help you and you will be like new in no time, taking good care of your mom!
    Kisses and hugs to you, Ronnii, Mom and Dad!

  15. I hope you're all feeling much better very soon. You are all just the best and we hate that you're not feeling so good. We have paws crossed and are thinking good thoughts for you for what it's worth.

  16. Yep, that Frankie is quite the guy!! Hope you are feeling better soon!!


  17. We're so sorry you've been sick, and we know from mama's experience how poopy your mom is feeling right now. We have our paws crossed for both of you! You both just rest and feel better soon.

    Jed & Abby

  18. Hey Richie!
    Wow, I am sending a huge bundle of mustest healing thoughts to you and your mom. We are all supporting you and hoping everyone there feels great really soon. Here come those warm vibes!!!!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  19. Hi Richie! We are so behind - we hope both you and your mom are doing ok - we are sending lots and lot of purrs and prayers for both of you to feel better soon. WE know you will be trying to make your mom feel better as soon as you feel even the tiniest bit better - but be sure you get some rest to get better too!


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