Sunday, 13 February 2011

Valentine Pawty

Ohhh Wowsers ! Is all I can say . Alien lives in da kewlest castle n him has a spa pool n hooj gardens wivs so many places to pee it be unreal. Everyone is looking real smart n dandy, Miss Asta is bartending with style n grace but boy does she makes a wicked ‘tini’ it has mades my head spin.

I still hav not been brave enough even with all Miss Asta ‘tini’ courage to tell the lady I dream about how I feel butt I will puts my Valentine post up fer her tonight and den da world will know. Oh heck I is most nervous bouts dis, what if she don’t like me or somefings my little chavvie heart will just break in 87 gazillion bits.

Ohh I do finks I has eaten too many cheetos or hads too many ‘tinis’ I better go and havs a sleep now, best find dat sista ovs mine first. ‘Has anyone seen Miss Bossy Knickers ? ‘ I spect she is off chasing a certain fellow we all know n luvs I will catch up wivs her later.

I is off for a snooze now

Laters yu lovely lot





  1. Rest up, Richie! It's been a long day and we have two more days of partying at Alien's castle. How could she not love you back?

    Your pal, Pip

  2. Hey Richie I suspect Ronnii is Sleeping like a puppy... That sister of yours spent a LOT of time with Asta!!
    It was soooo cool fur you and I to get to visit that "TREE" together!!! Wink Wink
    Go ahead and Ask... HER. She wouldn't DARE say know in such a magical location.

  3. Hi, Richie!
    Alien's Castle is impressive, right?
    Take a good nap and then you will be ready for your special Valentine's Day!
    Kisses and hugs

  4. Take a nap and don't forget to try moderation for the rest of the duration, Richie. Don't want to be a hungover doggy.


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