Saturday, 12 March 2011

I Be Back

I am feeling a lot better dan I was although still not properly myself but I guesses dats whats happens when yu gets older, I finks all ovs me not being well has hads an effect on Da Momster tho, hers has had da leaky eye syndrome again. Some ovs it is down to her zappin butts I finks me being under da weather has mades her finks……………. she is likes dat ( it be a hoo-man fing I do believe ). Us dogs just takes each day as it comes an lives fer day day unlikes da hoo-mans who finks ahead, what be da point in dat I asks yu s’not likes yu can lives in da ahead days only da day yu is in after all.

I havs been makin some sneaky plans fer certain doglets while I has been under par butts I can’t say anymore bouts dat or it will spoils da surprise. Now I needs your helps every dog ( and dems dat da dogs own ) on whats I ( n Da Pawrents ) can gets Ronnii fer her birfday ? See we do havs lots ov sooper fings and her has a posh collar wivs 87 billion diamonds in it, her has a sooper de dooper bed and her has a uber s’pensive diamond id tag so what do yu gets a girly wivs everyfing. All me can comes up wivs is a pawsonalised bowl ovs her own whats do yu fink ?

OH My Dogness I dids almost forgets somefing sooper dids happen dis week ! !  Ronnii gots mail from across da big pond and guess who it was from ?  It was from Da Road dogs. inside was dis……….


& Dis


My annoying sweet sista did email dem an asked fer da pawesome stickers fer me, now how loverly was dat ovs her. We are gonna sitcks dem aboves our beds so we can see dem lots n lots. I is really happy her did dis fer me. Fank Yu Road Dogs for da sooper surprise it was greats ovs yu n my sista.

Anyways my furiends I is off to snuggle wivs Moms on da sofa and den later we is going to starts work on da Road dogs cabinet badge, we still havin problems wivs finding da right back ground fer Chip, Ginger & Thai tho :o(.

Havs a fabulous weekends evry one.





  1. Hey Richie!
    Wow, I am so glad you are feeling better. I am sending my bestest healing vibes to you and your mom. Snuggles are great medicine, so I recommend lots of those for both of you. I think the bowl would be a great gift. Aren't the Road Dogs the coolest! My mom's gonna put hers on her Ru (Subaru) so everyone can see!
    Take care of each other!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  2. Richie - We hope you and your Mom and Ronnii snuggle all weekend and feel better on Monday! A pawsonalized bowl would be a super idea for Ronnii's birthday present. She would feel really special eating from a bowl with her name on it! We're so glad the stickers made it across the pond and that you like them.

    Take care!
    The Road Dogs

  3. I'm thinkin that a PAWsonalized Bowl would be super duper.

  4. I'm glad you're feeling a little better!

    I am a girl who has everything, too! I bet she'd love a personalized bowl! Have you looked for stuff on Etsy? They have all kinds of stuff a girl never knew she couldn't live without there. I just got a sock monkey hat from a lady on Etsy!

  5. glad you feel better kiddo
    Benny & Lily

  6. Hi Richie.....I am jus to x-cited dat you is feelin' a bit better. You keeps dat up now...ok's? WooHoo!!!

  7. When is her actual birthday? I have a thought for a gift - something in the auction, but it is a secret. Don't want to give anything way. Now, tell that sister of yours that I am saving a couple of free kisses for her.

    Your pal, Pip

  8. Hi, Richie!
    I hope you will feel better soon!
    Paws crossed here for you!
    I am thinking on a present for Ronnii, but I will need your help. Would you please send me an email?
    Happy Snuggly Weekend for all of you.
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  9. Snuggles and kisses are best medicines ;) I sure am glad you're feeling betters!


  10. I'm so glad you're feeling better!! Any thoughts on the barkday pressie?? Bunny has the cutest stuff... I think I should check out Etsy too!



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