Monday 18 April 2011

Well My Friends

Today I crossed Dat Rainbow Bridge, I had been forgettin fings like where I was n how to gets in from da back garden and I even forgots who Da Momster was sometimes n lets face it her is pretty hards to forget but I managed it…..BOL. When yu add to dat my dodgy ticker, my doddery legs and my tail tumour I decided it was time fer me to go and be wivs Angel sista Molly. Her was waitin fer me across da bridge n her dids hav her biggest happiest smile on her most beeyooteous face, we ran to each ova and we bounced, licked, danced n sniffed butts it was a most joyous fing. We is so happy to be togevver at last and she sends yu all her biggest luvs, yu should see her all her fur is grown and is all long and flowy, her eyes ( yes both ov dem ) are bright and shinin and her looks so wonderful. Up here my legs are all strong n all da doddery-ness has gone, my heart is strong and I has not forgots one single fing and I has both my eyes n my missin dangly is back Yippee.

Da Momster dids stay wivs me holdin me close an whisperin softly to me an I wents to sleep very peaceful in her arms da last fing I heard was my Moms tellin me how much she luved me and how proud she was to havs been my Momster.

Now I has left strict instruckshuns dat Mine & Ronnii’s Birfday Pawty is to go ahead cos I wants yu all to celebrate my sistas speshul day and to celebrate the life I had wivs Da Momster & Da Popster. It was a great life full ovs lots n lots ovs luv and tenderness wivs da bestest cuddles in da whole wide galaxy, I had da most pawesome times wivs my family.

I was so blessed wivs wonderful furiends in all ovs yu and was and am so proud ov havin yu all in my life, Now don’ts yu all go gettin sad fer me cos I is most happy here wivs Molly and I will never leave any ovs yu, I will pop in on all ovs yu now an den to check how yu all is doin so if any ovs yu lose a milk bone or a pawticularly nommy treat den yu knows me n Molly has been fer a visit.

Could I ask yu all to keeps your eyes on Sista Ronnii cos she has a habit ovs gettin a bits out ov paw Da pawrents try dere best wivs her and yu know dere is only so much we can do for dem all from up here.

Again lets me bark …… Please don’t be sads fer me cos I am safe, well, rejoovin-eighted and wivs Angel sista Molly.

Fank Yu all fer being my most fantabulous furiends a dog coulds ever havs wished fer, I luvs yu all very, very , very muchly and I will be at Da Pawty in spirit, I will be struttin my funky stuffs wivs yu all.

All my Luvs now & Always


xx xx

PeeS. Please coulds yu all look after my most gawjuss girly and luv ovs my life Minna please. Miss Minna I does luvs yu wivs all ovs my heart and I will fer all time. x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

PeePeeS. Frankie Fank Yu Soooooooooooo much fer my Birfday Card I did luvs it very muchly it was my first eva one I had gotten n Da Momster will treasure it ( her did lets me open it early )how kewl is dat ? ) Fank Yu again my furiend.

Your Furiend


xx xx


  1. Puddles just told me you had to leave, I know you are thrilled to see your sissy, and those you left here will remember you always and forever.

  2. Oh Richie, you have been an amazing furiend and one heck of a fighter. I am gonna miss you but I knows you is okays and you was loved unconditionally by so many.
    I promise to watch out fur Ronii...not sures if dat is a good thing or not though.
    Give my love to Angel Molly.
    Peace be with you my sweet furiend...I'll never furget you.


  3. Not furever...


    Enjoy the almost Full Moon view from akhross The RB -


  4. Richie, we are so honored to have gotten to know you through cyber land. We are trying not to be sad because we know the Bridge is a pretty special place for us together but we will miss your words of wisdom. We will help keep tabs on Ronii if you can give our sweet Tabby some kisses for us. Another bright star in the sky tonight. Sniffs, The HoundDogs

  5. Our thoughts and prayers for your family, because you will be missed! Rainbow Bridge sounds like a lovely place. I have some fur friends waiting there as well... HUGS from Gracie and me.

  6. Oh no, we are so sorry to read this. We know you don't want us to be sad, but we can't help the tears. We only met you a little while ago and fell in love with your sweet self.Our thoughts go out to your Mom and Pop and your little sister. Run free, Richie, and say hello to Dakota when you meet her.

    Hugs and Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara and Mom too

  7. Puddles told us you went to the bridge, and while you will be missed, we all know you are having fun with your angel sissy. We'll see you when we get there.

  8. Until we meet again, my friend....

  9. Oh, Richie...I nose I should listen to you and not be sad, but Mom and me and Max are jus sittin her in shock and tears and sadness. Butt...we all nose dat you is happy and whole again. Run free and young again at the Bridge and say Hi to Molly for us. If you see my sister, Angel, up there, please wish her's a Happy Birfday for me. She would have been 10 years old today. She had a bad ticker too.

    You will always be safe in our heart, Richie. We'll always luv you.

    Amber, Max, Da Pack, and Mom too.

  10. Richie, run with the wind.
    Love Ruby & Penny

  11. You have been so brave, we salute you. Though we did not get to be friends but we got to know a little about you through some of our friends' blogs. The Rainbow Bridge must be a wonderful free!!

  12. Richie
    Puddles told us that you went to the Bridge and we wanted to come over and tell your Momster that we are very sorry to hear that news and we sent our softest purrs to her at this time of great sadness.


  13. Richie we are sad to see you go but happy you have such a good sister to meet you at the bridge. Have fun playing with the endless supply of toys!

    -Mollie Jo & Bobo & Uncle Puppy!

  14. We are so sorry you have to go so soon... we shall miss you Richie.. now run happily with Molly and wait for us. We'll be there one day. Its been an honour knowing you.

    *hugs to Tea and poppa*

    woofs n licks,
    Dommy & Piper

  15. Dude... I know you said not to be sad, but I am. You were a great furiend and I'm so thankful that you had such a wonderful life with your mom. I know you were so very loved and spoiled these last few months. Your life will be forever remembered and celebrated in Blogville. Say Hi to Molly for me :o)

  16. Oh Richie
    I am so sad that the bridge was calling you, but are happy that you are at peace.
    I know your OK but I send love and big hugs to Mom and Ronnii
    George and Jan xxx

  17. Richie, you will be always in my heart.
    I will treasure all the moments you shared with us.
    I am thinking of you, Momster, Popster and Ronnii.
    Say hello to Molly and all our friends there, ok.
    I love you a lot.

  18. From ME (Frankie Furter)

    Dearest Furends.. Richie, I will miss you.. until we meet again.

    Ronnii and Momma Tea and Popster I am so sorry that Richie has left you, fur now. I hate that this has happened, butt I know that his last months, weeks, days, and moments were filled with Love and Caring.
    I am soooooo deeply saddened.
    We will, of course, abide by his wishes and Celebrate the DAY on the 23rd.. We pawmise to make it one that will be filled with the GOOD TIMES that our dear buddy gave us. We are all better off for having him with us.
    I am so thrilled that he was able to have his first Birfday Card before he left. That thought will help to ease my heart ache.
    LOVE to ALL,
    Frankie Furter

  19. Oh, sweet Richie.

    There are mournful howls ringing all around Blogville today.

    Until I get to your side.
    Grr and a Sorrowful Woof,
    Forever your furiend,
    Sarge, COP

  20. My heart is breakin' and mom is teary. Run free sweet Richie, gives my luv to Molly and when it is my time, meet me at da bridge.

    Blessings and Love,
    Maggie Mae

  21. Ritchie, you've been the bravest little guy! Run free. We'll take care of Ronnii and your Mom.

    -Gizmo, Bart and Ruby

  22. Oh Richie, we are sitting here in puddles after reading your post. You are such a brave boy and I'm so glad that your last months here were filled with such love. You have been such a wonderful furend. I will be sure to watch over Ronnii for you, while you and Molly wait for the rest of us over the bridge. I'm sure my Ginger will be looking for you to enjoy some zoomies. She has both her eyes too now! We will miss you...

    Until next time,
    Zona and Family

  23. I am soo sorry to hear that you left. I havent known you fur that long but what time I did, you were special. We will all miss you and specially your family but we know that you are safe, feeling great and with your sissy!! We will celebrate you and your life at the party and yes, drop in on us and check on us!! BTW, will you say special Hi! to my brother Sprint, he is a spunky white poodle!! Thanks!

    From Mom~~My heart goes out to you and your family. YOu will be in our thoughts and that God will comfort you. He Loves animals just as well as people!!

    Love and prayers
    Diana, Jazzi and Addy

  24. richie,

    we are glad that you are feelin' back to 100% up at the bridge and that you were reunitedified with your sweet sis miss molly. but me and asa and mama just can't keep ourselves from puttin' on our sad faces cuz the truth is that we miss you very much so already!! you are one special dude!
    don't worry cuz we will totally take the good cares of your mama and miss ronnii.
    until we meet again!

    the booker man

  25. To Momster, Popster, and Ronni,
    Our hearts and prayers go out to you all. Richie is running and jumping now with no pain, and is still carrying with him all the love you gave him.
    Smokey and Oscar (and mom)

  26. Richie,
    It sounds like you are running free with all your friends and that you feel like a pup again with no owies and lots of happy thoughts. A tear will be shed by those left behind.

    Mango, Dexter, and Mango Momma

  27. Our Mom is crying so hard she can't type or spell. We will miss you and will see you again!

  28. Richie, I'm so sorry that you passed away. This is just so sad...

  29. Richie,

    So sorry you had to leave your family and all of us in blogville but it sounds like you will be having a fabulous time with Miss Molly.

    We expect to see you again, pal!

    Sam and Pippen

  30. I'm so sorry that Richie has moved on to The Rainbow Bridge, and I'm thinking about the Momster. Richie sounds so brave and happy. Rest and play in peace, Richie.

  31. I understand that you had to go, but my heart hurts anyway.

    All our love,
    Oskar & family

  32. We're sure going to miss you, Richie! I love how you and Ronnii were always pranking each other back and forth and being silly. I think your momster sure needed you in her life while you were here! We'll have some Frosty Paws tonight in your honor. Say hello to my sister Treat and my brother Hawk while you're there!


  33. Hey Richie, so glad you are back to 100%, but very sad for your family. Wish we coulda met you befor now, but someday we will. So glad Puddles helped us find you though. Much love, hugs and kisses to your family through this hard time! Gloria and Billy

  34. Richie, we read about you on Puddles' blog and although we didn't know you, we're in tears. It sounds like you had a great life and don't want any to mourn your passing. So we'll just say we're sorry we didn't get a chance to know you before you left.

  35. I am so sorry to read this.
    Sending hugs your way.

  36. Dear Richie,

    You will always be my best pal and my heart is breaking for you and your family. I promise to take good care of Ronnii and we will all celebrate in your honor on Saturday. Please give Molly a big hug and kiss for me. I know we all be together again some day.

    Your best pal, Pip

  37. Shiloh an'Shasta here - well gosh darn it all Richie - we followed your blog butt never did haf time tu comment much altho we did read 'bout u. Us an'mom were so furry much sad (yea, we no - u sed not tu b an'u iz really nice that way) BUTT we miss u. We wish we wooda had more time tu git tu no u better. We r furry much glad u feel much better an'now u gotz stuff u didn't haf here on earth which iza good thing. An'how cool wuz that when your Angel sissie Molly wuz there tu welcome u - we r lookin'forward tu seein'u an her an'our little "big" brother Angel Oreo sumday. We follow your sissie Ronnii'z blog tu so we will help the otherz keep an'eye on her. Mom an'us will say prayerz fer your Momster, Popster and sissie Ronnii tu.

  38. We will miss you! You have been such a fun friend!
    ~Milly and Shelby

  39. I just heard from Puddles and Frankie what happened. I am so sorry to hear that you left us but glad to hear that you are happy where you are, running and playing with your sister Molly! We will look out for you when you visit as we know you will be watching out for Ronnii- we will keep an eye on her too.
    Much love and thoughts for you and the family. We will miss you very much.

  40. Oooh Dearest Richie...
    I know you asked us not to be sad but that is just not doable right now :'''o(
    We are consoled to read your beautiful description of the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.
    I can see Miss Molly's beauty thru your angelic eyes.
    Oooh, and you my friend are all healed and happy.

    Not to worry, we will keep a watchful eye on Miss Ronnii and we will be celebrating the Birthday in style.
    I feel so honored that I had the chance of knowing you before you were called Home, my dear friend.

    If you happen to bump into my Sis, Chi-Chi, please give her my Love. I should warn you though that she Loves macho, handsome guys as yourself. Just look for wherever the party and food is and you will find her there ;o)

    Until we meet again my friend!
    Love to you and your family,
    Neeko and my Pack.

  41. Oh, we just got online after days of not really being here and just learned that Richie has crossed the Bridge. It's hard not to be sad about it. We will miss you so very much. But we are so glad that you had your wonderful family and your Momster to make your life wonderful. We think you're so brave and that your Momster is about the bravest human we know. We know you'll be happy and free of pain and suffering now. We hope your family is not too terribly sad, but it's so good they'll have you and Molly to watch over them. We'll try to keep an eye on them, too.

  42. We got to read the rest tomorrow since momma is slobbering on us sweet Richie. Goodbye, see you one day
    Benny & Lily

  43. We heard about you from Frankie and Puddles, Richie. We may not have had the privilege to know you but we are sure that you were a very special one not just to your family but to all your friends. We say a prayer for you and your loved ones and we will read all about the wonderful memories you have left behind here in your bloggie.

    Do watch over your Momster with a smile and run free with your sister there over the Rainbow Bridge.

    Piappies Fudgie, Princess, Frappie, Mocha, Sugar, Wai-Pai, Wai-Max & Forgie

  44. DAwling Wichie,
    I am sad fow all of us left behind, but so happy that you will not weally evew leave us. If you see my angel sissie and bwuvvew in that bootiful wainbow place tell them I will come someday and we'll all be togethew again.
    I will celebwate youw life and keep you in my heawt.
    Mommi is not listening and making hew face all wet, but I'm twying to be stwong and follow youw instwuctions.
    I will always love you
    smoochie kisses
    ASTA and mommi
    pee ess we will take cawe of youw sissie and Momstew and Popstew don't wowwy

  45. Richie,
    we didn't get to nose you but we wanted to give your Momster and Popster our lug's, purrs and a gentle head but!
    We hope you have fun frolicking' in the gardens free of pain, loving the warmth of the sun on your coat while chasing butterflies!

  46. We've been poleaxed. We did not see this coming. We're trying to honor your wish not to cry for you, but we are crying for your family and for ourselves because we are going to miss you so much. You may have been a small dog on the outside, but on the inside you were a GIANT! We're asking all of mama's Danes who have crossed the Bridge to be your heavenly pack and to take special care of you and Molly.

    With sore hearts, we send our love to you and Ronii and the Momster and the Popster.

    Jed & Abby and mama ML

  47. dearest richie
    although we know that you are happish and healfy now it is always sorrowful when one of our furryends has to leave to the bridge. we hope our angel brofer chico will help wiff the tour of the endless tweat trees and unlimited chewies and stuffies.we send all our sugars to your pawrents and some extra slobbery ones just for you and your sissie. until we meet again . .. a special toot for you

    sad woos and pibble sniffles
    the pittie pack and wee ones

  48. I came over from Benny and Lily's blog to give my condolences. Richie is such a sweety and I truly am sorry for your loss and the sadness of the friends around the blogosphere. May you be comforted in the difficult days ahead.
    Sending lotsaluv

  49. Oh Richie - we did so want to be strong and brave but we're afraid that the two of us and FH just cried and cried when we heard. We're gonna miss you SO much.

    BUT - how happy we are that you and Angel Molly are together again - now that is really cool! We admit that we did wonder where our favourite James Wellbeloved biccie treat had disappeared to last night and we were convinced we could hear some crunching and giggline whilst we were looking for it - now we know!

    Until we meet again sweet friend. And don't worry, we'll give sista Ronnii and your wonderful Mama extra special and hugely big schnauzer snuggles on Saturday! (Max will probably be a bit shouty too - he says he's gonna do it for you!)

    Much love - JD and Max (and FH)

  50. Oh Richie, we will miss you but are so happy you are with your sissy Molly now. It's nice down here but so many of ours friends and family are happy to have you to play within now. My angel sister Samantha is on the welcoming crew and she loves you already.

    Love Mona, Weenie and the Mommy

  51. Pip told us you were gone.

    R.I.P. - Have fun at the bridge!

  52. Benny Lily and Pip sent me. Richie, I enjoyed following you on your adventures. What a brave boy you are. I know you will be sadly missed by all your friends and family, for that I am sorry. I am glad to know that you are back to 100% frolicking with all your friends over the bridge.

  53. My wonderful, handsome and lovely Richie. I miss you terribly already
    My momma keeps trying to help me write this comment , butt her cannot keep da tears from leaking and leaking and leaking.

    I am so glad you found such a wonderful and loving family to be with these past months.....whatever tough times you had before you went to rescue were forgotten by all the love and caring your momma tea and poppy have given you.

    I shall NEVER forgets you and we will see each other someday at da bridge. Until then give Angel Molly my love, and I hope you soon met my Angel Brudder Dude will like him a lot!

    All my love forever ,

  54. Richie, that is such a lovely tribute to yourself. We are sorry you had to leave your family but you do sound happy up there with your sisfur. And all your parts work now. We are sending lots of woofs for you and your family left behind.

  55. Miss Mayzie sent us over. We are glad to hear that you are feeling so much better and romping with Molly. But I bet Momster, Popster and Ronnii are missing you. If you happen to run into our Angel brother Lucky can you run under him and tell him we still miss him!


    Mr. Nubbin'

    PeeS. Momster, Popster and Ronni mom wanted me to pass on hugs to you she knows how hard this is!

  56. Richie you had a heart the size of Texas....what a sweet post to all your friend!
    Purrs and Prayers to you all,
    Madi and Mom

  57. We are visiting from Mayzie's blog and wanted to leave our dearest sympathies. :(

  58. Richie, I know you're watching over blogland from across the bridge. I didn't have the chance to know you, but know now that you are well loved and courageous. We'll look for you on the other side, for sure!

  59. Oh, Richie. I'm trying real hard not to be sad. And I'm really not sad for you since I know you're feeling so much better now and having the best time romping around at the Bridge. But mom's all leaky and my heart is heavy cuz we're just gonna miss you SO much! I just feel so blessed that I gots the chance to know you!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  60. Richie - It's hard not to be sad, especially for those you left behind. But we are so glad that you got to spend time with such a sweet, loving and wonderful family! We'll miss your adorable face but will remember you fondly.

    The Road Dogs

  61. Oh Richie, we are trying to smile for you. But the tears are coming anyway. Even momma is crying. We will miss your handsome face. Everytime I look at the beautiful badge you made just for me, I will think of you. You sister is in good hands. Your spirit will be with us when we celebrate the birthday. Hey! I am missing a milk bone!


  62. We are so sorry for your loss. Mayzie sent us. It is so hard for those left behind. Run free at the bridge with my 6 beautiful angel pups. Keeping you and your family in our prayers.

    Woofs and Kisses from BayZ and the Barkers and our Mom too!

  63. Oh Richie our hearts are just breaking that you had to go and we will miss you terribly but we know your big sister Molly will do such a good job of taking care of you and showing you around at the bridge. We are sad you had to leave but glad you won't be feeling bad anymore. We are sending tons of comforting purrs and prayers to Ronnii and your mom and dad.

  64. Mayzie sent me. So I wanted to visit and say we're all thinking of those who are left behind, those who are keeping your memory safe. Run free!

    Roo Roo, Stuart

  65. Oh Richie... We've been taking a bloggy break and we just found out from Mr. Pip's blog that you have gone to the Bridge! Now Mama is crying crocodile tears, which we are licking off her face for her. (They're salty!) We told her the Bridge is beautiful and that your sister is there, and maybe you'll see OUR sisters Chopper and Zip! You are such a special doggie and we know you'll be missed here on Earth. Give your Momster our love.

  66. I am happy that you and Molly are together again - but I am sad for the ones you left behind because I know how much they will be missing you.

  67. What a beautiful post. We're visiting from Pip's blog and we'd like to leave our sincere condolences on the loss of your dear Richie.

  68. We are so very sorry we never got to know you, Richie. You sound like a very sweet and fun-loving guy.

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  69. We are sending our love and keeping your Peeps in our thoughts and prayers.

    We feel comforted by your words, dear Richie. We know you are with your Sissy and all our friends who have gone before us. We will all meet again, dear one...

    Hugs and Kisses,

    Scruffy, Lacie and Stanny

  70. Dear Richie and Richie's family, we are stopping by from Miss Mayzie's blog. We did not know Richie but what we DO KNOW is how much we miss our dog kids when they have to leave us.

    We sent a prayer to our Angel Dogs Chloe, Pepi, Suzie, Porter and Jake to greet you and maybe share some of their toys so you won't feel lonely.

    To Richie's family: Our hearts hurt for you but we know that one day you will see Richie at the Bridge when the time comes. xoxoxo

  71. Sorry to see you go, dear Richie. No more suffering over the bridge. Say "hi" to our 'Leo', he's the big handsome Airedale that smiles, you can't miss him!
    Loves to your Momster.

    Wyatt and Stanzie

  72. I am so sorry that you have to cross the Rainbow Bridge already, Richie. But I know we will meet again one day over at the bootiful Rainbow Bridge. I am glad that you went knowing you were loved so very much, and you are all better and playing with your Angel sista Molly.

    Godspeed, dear furiend.

    Lots of love,

  73. Richie I am so sorry. Run free.

    woof - Tucker

  74. Enjoy the Rainbow Bridge where all creatures run happy and free!


  75. Please say hello to Bitsy, Graphite, Maggie and Lady Madonna for us, okay Richie? We are sorry you had to go away, and are sending comforting prayers to your family. It's obvious that they loved you so very much.

  76. Hello Richie,

    I heard that you'd gone walkabout from Sage. It's good to know you're feeling all well again. Bet that makes you happy :) I hope you have A Most Wonderful Journey.

    Love and peace to your family xox

  77. Oh, Richie! I almost met you at the bridge on Sunday, buddy! I'm so honored to have met you. Until we meet again.
    Your forever friend,
    (and all of her family and pack members)
    Our love to the family as well...

  78. Richie, I'm so sorry to hear this news - I know you don't want us to be sad, but that's a little to hard for us!
    Sending slobber & hugs to your family,

    Rudy's Raiser

  79. Dear Richie,
    Because I'm human I have a hard time dealing with the loss of pets more than the loss of humans because pets are always honest and are always thinking of us no matter what we look like, feel like, or behave like and that's partly why I avoided visiting this blog post for so long. I just wanted to avoid reading this so that I could make myself believe that you are still here BUT you really are still here in spirit and I know you are watching your sister and your girlfuriend and your humans forever. We are sorry that you had to leave us but we knew you were in a lot of pain so enjoy your time over the bridge and we will always think of you!

  80. X,
    Hee! Hee! Hee!
    The Teacher's Pets
    (Henry, Daisy, and Buster)

  81. Heard from Pip about you. Sorry to hear the news about you but you certainly are a brave fella.
    Run and be free, Richie!

    All our love and hugs to your mommy and family.

    Love ya,
    Jon Terry

  82. We came over to say well done for the great life you gave Richie, what dog could ask for more.
    Miss him but do not mourn for him, his life was good.
    Licks Grumpy Bobby

  83. Me and my cat Charlie have come over from Jan's Funny Farm. We are so sorry you had leave us beautiful Richie! We give your mum and sisfur all our purrs and hugs, take care

  84. I did not know you, but all your friends are talking about you.
    I heard you say, not to be sad or anything.
    I think you were the luckiest furry ever to have such a wonderful home and so many friends.
    I know your all healthy now,, and running free like the wind,, and with some of your friends and family who crossed before,,,
    I will tell you one thing,,,
    you will never be forgotten,,, and just reading your words,,, you have inspired me.
    run free!

  85. Oh, Richie, I'm sorry you had to go. I hope you are very happy out there with your sister.

    I wish you two out there and your family back on this side a happy Easter! May beautiful memories be cherished forever!

  86. Richie, I'm so sorry you have to be separated from your family for a while. I'm sure they're feeling very sad and missing you, but they must remember that you'll be waiting for them at the bridge and you'll all be together someday.

  87. Oh my goodness - I just found you through other bloggie friends and now you're gone! Many hugs to your family. I wish I had had time to know you.


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