Monday 18 April 2011

Well My Friends

Today I crossed Dat Rainbow Bridge, I had been forgettin fings like where I was n how to gets in from da back garden and I even forgots who Da Momster was sometimes n lets face it her is pretty hards to forget but I managed it…..BOL. When yu add to dat my dodgy ticker, my doddery legs and my tail tumour I decided it was time fer me to go and be wivs Angel sista Molly. Her was waitin fer me across da bridge n her dids hav her biggest happiest smile on her most beeyooteous face, we ran to each ova and we bounced, licked, danced n sniffed butts it was a most joyous fing. We is so happy to be togevver at last and she sends yu all her biggest luvs, yu should see her all her fur is grown and is all long and flowy, her eyes ( yes both ov dem ) are bright and shinin and her looks so wonderful. Up here my legs are all strong n all da doddery-ness has gone, my heart is strong and I has not forgots one single fing and I has both my eyes n my missin dangly is back Yippee.

Da Momster dids stay wivs me holdin me close an whisperin softly to me an I wents to sleep very peaceful in her arms da last fing I heard was my Moms tellin me how much she luved me and how proud she was to havs been my Momster.

Now I has left strict instruckshuns dat Mine & Ronnii’s Birfday Pawty is to go ahead cos I wants yu all to celebrate my sistas speshul day and to celebrate the life I had wivs Da Momster & Da Popster. It was a great life full ovs lots n lots ovs luv and tenderness wivs da bestest cuddles in da whole wide galaxy, I had da most pawesome times wivs my family.

I was so blessed wivs wonderful furiends in all ovs yu and was and am so proud ov havin yu all in my life, Now don’ts yu all go gettin sad fer me cos I is most happy here wivs Molly and I will never leave any ovs yu, I will pop in on all ovs yu now an den to check how yu all is doin so if any ovs yu lose a milk bone or a pawticularly nommy treat den yu knows me n Molly has been fer a visit.

Could I ask yu all to keeps your eyes on Sista Ronnii cos she has a habit ovs gettin a bits out ov paw Da pawrents try dere best wivs her and yu know dere is only so much we can do for dem all from up here.

Again lets me bark …… Please don’t be sads fer me cos I am safe, well, rejoovin-eighted and wivs Angel sista Molly.

Fank Yu all fer being my most fantabulous furiends a dog coulds ever havs wished fer, I luvs yu all very, very , very muchly and I will be at Da Pawty in spirit, I will be struttin my funky stuffs wivs yu all.

All my Luvs now & Always


xx xx

PeeS. Please coulds yu all look after my most gawjuss girly and luv ovs my life Minna please. Miss Minna I does luvs yu wivs all ovs my heart and I will fer all time. x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

PeePeeS. Frankie Fank Yu Soooooooooooo much fer my Birfday Card I did luvs it very muchly it was my first eva one I had gotten n Da Momster will treasure it ( her did lets me open it early )how kewl is dat ? ) Fank Yu again my furiend.

Your Furiend


xx xx

Wednesday 13 April 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Guess who had a baff ?



Yep her Royal floofy-ness


Den her dids go to sleep on Da Pops leg in her bathrobe



Awww her looks sweet when her is asleep





Monday 11 April 2011

Happy Birfday To Yu


We hopes yu has da most splendiferous day Momster.

Yu is officially middle aged now…………….BOL.

We don’ts care tho we luvs yu anyway.



Richie & Ronnii

xx  xx       xxxxxx

Saturday 9 April 2011



Please all come we does so wants yu all to be dere wivs us



Me is Blog Hoppin Today

Friday 8 April 2011

HA HA We did gets one

ovs my sista today looking uber cutes n her has an elasticy fing in so her can’t shake it out ……….. Da Momster is learnin ….bol .


Even I has to admit her does look ravver sweet




Thursday 7 April 2011

Somefing Shocking

Mangobone Dog Toy

Mangobone Dog Toy ! !


Shock & Horror to say da very least