Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Captains Log Day 2

So far my new billet is okays wiv me, I hav my choice of couches to lay my furry butt on, good nomms , cuddles and fussins as and when I want them and I slept wiv my nu ma on her bed and it wos verry comfy I hav to say altho she do snore somefing terrible. Now I hav to tell you all somefing when I got tooked to the pound someone there named me Lil Richard now I ask yu do I look like a Richard or a Lil com too fink about it ? No well I don’t answer to it eivver so Ma came up wiv Jack cos of me only havin one eye but I don’t answer to that eivver but I do answer to Snuffy how weirded is that ? But as I was named already I hav to keep the name Lil Richard for all ov officialdom-ness and on TLDR forum so if any ov you belong to that wonderful place that is where you will find news ov me on the under a fred with Lil Richard on it. However officialdom does not know ov my previous life as a sea sailing adventurer and ov my pseudonym ‘The Dread Pirate Jack’ scourge ov the seven seas, plunderer ov overloaded merchant ships and chaser ov fine curvy wenches worldwide ! ! I wos going to let them know but seeing as there is many many merchants who would luv to keel haul me I fink I may stick wiv Richard as I ravver like me keel just where it is. So even tho yu all knows I am Cap’n Jack the dread prate and scourge of the seven seas I will sign myself henceforf as Rich. Sorry for any confustikations I be causing

Ma has just been to Miss Monas blog and seen all of Shelby’s sweet pupsters and she has saved the photo of Puppy Molly who was named after my angel sister.

so may I introduce you all to baby Molly


Isn’t she just such a cute pupster ? It would seem she has the same fighting spirit as my Angel sister Molly too. Yu go for it little Molly ! !

Anyways I want to fank you for such a nice welcome to bloggydom and I am looking forward to finding out more about all ov yu



  1. Capn Jack, I think its ok to be called Rich cos that is what you be, you got the bestest home and nicest mum and dad now and will not want for anyfing. Love snufflepuppyxxx

  2. Glad you're settling in snuffy, jack, richard. :-)

  3. hello there Jack.. urmm.. Snuffy.. :) Nice to meet ya! Hope you'll have a good time with your momma and poppa.. they are great people.

    woofs & licks,
    Dommy & Piper

  4. Cap'n Jack aka Rich, aka Snuffy...

    Don't worries, lots of us go by different names. Sometimes the ones my momma uses for us when she is mad, I cannot even share in Public!

    You sure are a cutie! I just loves da Terrier boys....or at least you looks like a toy/fox terrier to me.

    Anyways.....we are glad that you are now hangin out in BlogLand! Enjoy da ride!


  5. Hi Rich (we use that in case anyone is looking for you under your official pirate name - you know, to stay undercover). We came over today to meet you from your angel sister Molly's blog - we are sad you didn't get to meet her but we know she will be keeping an eye out for you, to keep all the scurvy naves at bay! And boy you moved in to your new home just in time - over here where we live it is Talk Like a Pirate (or among the kitty blogs, Meow Like a Pirate) day on 9/19, so we hope to learn a lot from you so we sound like real pirates by then!!

    And it is good you like the wenches, because we bet there will be a lot of the lady dogs going crazy over you very soon - you are very handsome!!

  6. Hey there Rich Captain Jack!

    We aren't sure that your official name of Rich is going to fool anyone coming after you as Captain Jack since we assume you became rich from all of your plundering... yes?

    Welcome to Blogville!

    Sam and Pippen

    PeeS. Don't be trying your plundering on our blog cuz we got nothin' worth stealin'...

  7. Pirate Jack - Arrrgghh! Welcome matey and all that :) Looks like you've already got the hang of the bloggin' and whatnot. Look forward to readin' more of your pirate adventures!
    The Road Dogs

  8. So very nice to meet you, Rich Snuffy Jack. We think Rich suits you just fine because we think you are very rich in so many ways to have found this wonderful home. Welcome to blogging, you are doing just fine.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  9. Rich is not such a bad name. I find having a pseudonym gets me out of some trouble from time to time! Too bad my other names are kind of crazy... like Monkey. Do I look like a monkey to you?? Never mind. Don't answer that.


  10. Nice to meet you!
    ~Milly and Shelby

  11. And about the names, we all have tons of names and nicknames. You're in the right company now! :)
    ~Milly and Shelby

  12. Rich, Jack, Snuffy,

    You is gonna haves fun heres! We gonna makes sure of it.
    Little Puppy Molly is a fighter and a determined one JUST likes Angel Molly. I miss her so very much.

    We joined da forum so we will be lookin out furs ya.


  13. Can I call you Snuffy? No, ok in public I will stick to Captain Jack. Little Molly is just beautiful and I know your sister Molly is watching over her - and all of us!

    Enjoy your new home! You are one lucky doggie!

    Your pal, Pip

  14. X X X X X hehehehe I just HAD to do it.
    I think RICH is a perfect name for you. You are gonna have a Wonderful Full RICH life from now on !!


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