Friday, 24 September 2010

Friday Finkings

Well Ma said I was little Captain shouty again yesterday but today I be her little Star---Smiling-3 . Why ye be askin is I her little start well when she wents off for her reevoo today she left her web-a-ma-cam on to see if I did my Captain Shouty impression and guess what…………….. I DID……BOL. But it was only for a little while then I be goin off and sleeping. Well except for when I had a mahoosive whizz up the kitchen chair leg totally missing the peein on pad fing she left for me to go on. She had even sprayed the chair n table legs wiv anti pee spray HA that showed her tho.

I did feel a bit mean tho when she gots back as she was so happy to be seein me as he fings didn’t go the way she was hopin and she had a wee blub then said come on my boy we be going out. So we went out and I whizzed up a few trees and we hopped on thos bus fings I am not keen on buts I sat on Ma’s lap wivout one whinge all the way to Hythe to the shop to see my Angel Sisters Aunty Twirly Sue and Pa was there. I fink Ma was hopin Pa would come home wiv us buts he really really wanted to go to astromenni club so he went and Aunty Twirly WHirly Sue cane home wivs us instead which was nice. She had drinkies wivs Ma ( that yucksome koffee stuff bleurgh !) and I be giving Aunty T-W-Sue lots of lovs and cuddles and she then saw just how totally lovverly I can be when I not be shoutin.

Ma is trying out some touch ferapy on me to see if that will help wivs me being a wee shouty beastie and I must be sayin it is most nice so far specially when she be doin it on me ears so p’raps there be somefing in it.

Rite I be off now as it is cold here and I need to be gettin Ma to put our heatin on so’s we can snuggles down and watch the rest of our Brad Pitt movie all warm n snug.

Nite All

Wags ‘n’ Arrrrrr’s



  1. Sounds like a great day all around, Richie!!!

    Hope you enjoy the Brad Pitt movie!


  2. I am sorry your ma's review didn't go the way she wanted it to ... you will have to give her lots of extra love and maybe skip the barking!

    And don't give my mom any ideas about the camera!

    Your pal, Pip

  3. Now see Richy... I can understand this peeing thingy. Your mom sprayed the peeing stuffs on the chair leg to remind HER not to pee there. She should have told YOU not to pee there if that was her intention. It is ALWAYS either the mom's fault.. or the Squirrel's fault. NEVER EVER OURS. I'm just sayin' buddy.

  4. Hi, Richie!
    That thing of the camera to spy you sure is... interesting!
    I hope you had a nice snuggling time with your mom!
    Kisses and hugs

  5. Hi Richie! We are sorry that things didn't go the way your mom hoped but the rest of the day sounded pretty good. We hope the therapy to get you to be less shouty helps! It sounds pretty good to us!

  6. The shoutin' and pee'n are understandable Richie - you're just so happy to have a wonderful home that you can't contain yourself. You'll be settling down soon - especially if you're getting the T-Touch stuff!
    The Road Dogs

  7. Hi Richie! It sure does sound like you had an awfully nice day. I'm sorry you feels shouty but my paws are crossed that that touch therapy stuff will helps you feel more relaxed and not so shouty.

    Oh, and you don't like coffee? Oh gosh, I just LUVS it! But mom says I can't have much cuz it's bad for dogs. I think she just wants to keep it all to herself.

    Wiggles & Wags,

  8. What a great day Richie!!!!!!

    We loves yous stories so!!!!!

    IzZY, Josie and Anakin Man


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