Thursday, 30 September 2010

I Bark Konspiracy and Dessershun !

It would seem that thar has been a konspiracy goin on under me nose, me pirate matey Pip, Peachey Puddles the Pickle and Frankie the Fearless ave been konspirin to surprise me Ma.  Surprise her they did so much so she sat down on me kitchen floor  (when she should have been kookin me meetloaf) and she started leakin from her eyes. I could not figure out why she be leakin like a dang babbie until I invest-a-ma-gated properly. So I stuck me nose in me Ma’s fairly large lap and found parcel rappins, a fancy empty box and an enveloppe. Hmmm I fort so I poked about some more and I soon be smellin ovver dogs, I be smellin travellin dogs specifikally certain road dogs so the plot fikens. I fort I better give me Ma a lick or two to help her get a grip ( and wiv my breaf it soon bought her to her senses …… bol ). She frusted a card under my snout and read it to me and blow me britches  that Pip and his pawesome Mom had bid on Frankies and the Road dogs Moms auction for a sooper-dee-dooper hand made special road dogs mom pendant in aid of Miss Shelbys fund and they had bid on it and won  it specially for my Ma, it had arrived in the suspishus parcel and GUESS WHAT ? It had my Angel Sister Mollys name on it so now you can see why my Ma’s eye wos leakin so much and wasn’t that one ov the most kindest, nicest most fortful and caring fings you has evver heard of ? It really has given my Ma a hooj boost as she has been a bit low since her revoo. It turns out tho that Peachey Puddles the Pickle, Frankie the Fearless and their Moms were in on the konspiracy as well but I be most glad as this was the koolest konspracy evver konspired in my finking anyways. so a big MAHOOSIVE FANK YU to them for their sekret keepins and a anuvver MAHOOSIVE FANK YU  to me Pirate matey Pip and his Mom for carin about my Ma and my Angel Sister Molly so much I is verry much grateful to yu both. Yu are verry speshul to me and to my Ma .

Now onto the dessershun part ov me title, me Ma is leavin me alone wiv me Pa for the weekend while she goes off to stay wiv a LDR furiend and too attend Herts Game and Country show were TLDR will be fundraising. Evven tho it will do Ma good too get away fur a couple of days it will be mucho weirdo wivouts her here. Fankfully once she had pulled herself togevver she kooked my meetloaf and some nice doggy stews to keep me well fed while she be gone dunno whats Pa is gonna do tho……………………BOL. So I probably won’t be postin until me Ma comes back home again eek……. Home Alone wiv Pa what will we do ?

Watch this space I finks for future piktorial postins ov this weekend.

Wags ‘n’ Arrrrr’s



  1. Awww... aren't blogsville furends the bestest???

    So happy for your mom, that is a wonderful pressie.


  2. You have no idea how difficult it was to keep this secret! We wanted to tell you after your review on Friday, but we thought it would be more fun to surprise you!! I can be very sneaky sometimes!!!

    Your pal, Pip

  3. What a wunderful surprise fur your mom. She deserves it too!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  4. Well Richie, we sticks togethers here and dats why dis community is so wonderfuls and besides I would do anything furs da Pip...and you and your mom and dad. Ya'll is real specials and I am so happy dat Pip and his mom were ables to dat fur ya mom.
    Tell hers to enjoy her new necklace.


  5. Hi, Richie!
    Sure it was a pawesome surprise for your Mom!
    I am very happy for her.
    I hope she will have a nice time.
    Have fun with your Dad!
    Kisses and hugs

  6. Ohmidogness! My momma is all leaky here and I'm wiggling and wagging all over the place! Gosh, that makes me so happy, Richie, cuz I know how very much happy it made your ma! Aren't Pip and Puddles and Frankie just the bestest? And doesn't the Road Dogs' momma make Most Beautiful things?

    I hopes your momma has a super wonderful time on her trip. I know you'll miss her but she'll be home to cuddle and luv you before you know it!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  7. Oh, what a lovely thing to do. They're just a very special bunch.

    lotsa licks, Lola

  8. Hi Richie! Oh what a sweet thing - a sweet conspiricy is the best kind! Our mom even got leaky a bit at how sweet a gesture that was for them!

    And oh, alone with dad - two men alone in the house - we picture it being a fun, male bonding kind of weekend! We think you will have a great time! And we hope your mom has a good time on her trip too!!

  9. Awww... Richie...
    That was sooo sweet of Mr. Pip and Cutie Pie Puddles and their Mommies to surprise your sweet Mommy like that.
    They are pawsome Friends and we LOVE them!

    Hugs to your Mommy and sniffs for you my Friend :o)
    Take good care of your Pa while you Mommy is gone.

    Neeko :o)

  10. what a wonderful surprise!! that is so great they could do that for you :)


  11. Pip is a generous pup, that's for sure! We were so happy to be a part of his (and his Mom's) surprise for you! So glad you liked it!
    The Road Dogs


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