Saturday, 2 October 2010

Boyz Day Only ! !

Me timbers be well and truly shivered this weekend, Ma left me to keep a weather eye on me old Pa. he’s a bit doddery & he really needs lookin after, Ma & Pa went off early in the afternoon so that Ma could board her land vessel that was settin sail for Heathrow, Pa came back a while later and took me out on a long stroll. When we got back we had a spot of tea and settled down in front of the telly box, I insisted pa took me out for annuver stroll at 6ish and when we came back a bit later Pa made himself a cuppa and gave me more noms. After stuffin our faces we curled up on the sofa an fell asleep for a bit. I woke the old geezer up so he could take me fer one last stroll before hitting the hay. Oddly though Pa woke up at the same time on Saturday as he does on every ovver day. I fort to me self “whats goin’ on ere then? he pottered about a bit and sorted all his war makin bookies and packed em all in his little bag sack. Now I was worried, I looked at the bag and fort to me self he be off out, but he can’t cos that means I’ll be ere on me own. I knows how long he’s gone when he does this ere war fightery game stuff and I forts he can’t be leavin me on my own-some fer all that time. Whose gonna be givin me noms and taking me fer me ablutional strolls? Well lo & behold and swash me buckles, whilst I was figgerin  this out there’s came a rappin at the front door. I started shoutin so Pa knew someone was seeking  entry to me domicile, He opened the door and stood there was me Uncle Fred. Now I was being really confuzzled, what wos he doin here? The sun aint over the yard arm and all these folk are outta their hammocks, this aint right. turns out that Pa had made provisions for me whilst he was at the shop and Uncle Fred was gonna be keepin me company fer the mornin. Of course what was puzzlin me  little doggy noggin was where Aunty Wilma was at, I aint neva seen Uncle Fred wiv out her before, it was all discombobulatin. Anyways Pa goes off ta do his war game doo-hickey and I gets to snuggle wiv Uncle Fred. Huzzah! Fings got even better when Aunty Wilma arrived and I got taken for a walk, then we gets back home and they don’t takes me lead off, Oh Er I finks. Turns out that they’re just sortin a few bits out before we all got in one o’ them thar automoboxes and they took me down to Pa’s shop, well it ain’t really Pa’s, it belongs to Aunty Twirly Whirly Sue,  well I was hornswaggled ! I must say that helpin Pa mind a shop is good fun, lots of folk wantin’ to give me fussins and sayin how cute I be. One lass even wanted to be takin’ me home wiv herself. I don’t fink Ma’d be too impressed if she comes home ta find me gone. Pa says he be right proud ov me fer bein on me bestest goodest behaviour. I was only a little bit shouty, but I soon settled and had a bit ov a kip under the counter. When Pa had to go sort out the cheeky boys wiv there gaming I got up and walked wiv him and stayed close to his side, even tho there was an open door and I could smell the sea air waftin in, I resisted the urge to set sail fer warmer, drier shores. Pa’s frend Smiffy and his Missus came into the shop and I got mahoosive snuggles. Eventually the time came to set off fer home. This time we was on one ov those rumbly bus fingamajigs, I don’t like em, I don’t like them there automo wotsits eivver but seein as how it be the only way we could gets home safe I let Pa take me on the horrid fing. No sooner had we got home than we set off on a stroll, when we got home again, I gots me noms. Not that I’d been starved Pa saw to it that I got plenty of grub while we wos out. After me noms I settled on the sofa to keep me good eye on the old man so he didn’t get up to any silly shinnanegans. Apparently Pa says he is really proud ov me fer being so well behaved. I likes makin my folks proud, cos when they be proud I seems to be gettin more treats and snuggles, and I likes that a lot so I finks I be well behaved a bit more often especially if there is good noms at the end ov the day…………….. bol.

Anyhoo that be my Saturday and me Ma be home tomorrow and I is planning on getting all excitamagated when she gets home.

Wags ‘n’ Arrrr’s



  1. Bloomin well done for being such a good boy little man, I am so proud of you.

  2. Wowser Richie, You certainly had a busy day! How much fun was that, getting to go helps your dad out at da shop?!?!?!

    I know you can't wait fur your mom to be home......I hope she had a good trip. Can't wait to hear about it.


  3. Sounds like you had a fun weekend with the boys! I bet you will be excited for your mom to come home!

    Your pal, Pip

    P.S.: You missed my next X-Paws episode - be sure to check it out!


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