Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Fank Yu All

For the lovely welcomes fer my sista Ronnii, she be a bit overwelmed by it all at the moments bless her. She was being fostered wivs a lovely lady and was livin wivs 13 ovver doggys so I fink she is finding fings a bit quite here at the moments. So far tho she doin real good, she lovs walkies wivs me but she peed on my nose this morning buts that wos my fault fer havin me nose where I shouldn’t minds yu I has tried to return the favour……..Bol. We be havin a peein competition I fink cos when I pee she has to pee ovver mine and I has to be doin the same so it is great fun. Ma fort she was goin to be smaller than she is so the clothes we had got her were too small so Ma tooks her out to Aunty Chrissies shop to gets her some nu ones and she has a sweet basic wardrobe now which is cool and she has a sooper spiffy Christmas outfit too. She is a bit camera shy too buts hopefully that will change when she feels more settled. I finks Me and Sis will has a chat about maybe guest spottin in each ovvers bloggys when she feels more comfy abouts the whole bloggin fing ( she be a smidge shy maybe Puddles coulds giv her some tips…………… hmmmm maybe that not such a good idea as I don’t finks Ronnii has evver hads beer before…….BOL ).

I finally gots to meet my Aunty Su tonights she lives in Wizz-Kon-Cin and has been ovver visitin the muvver-land and seeing her kidlets ( they is growed up ones ), she is reelly reelly loverly and I be likin her lots n lots. I wos sad when she left and hopes she comes back soon as she was most pawesome in her fuss givins and she didn’t minds at all when I gots all shouty. I must go and reads her bloggy in the morning as she writes fun stuff yu know.

Before I drags Ma ups to bed can I ask if anyone has heard from Miss Mayzie ? She has been verry quiet fer a couple ov days and I wos wonderin if she be alright . Please also scuse if we don’t get round to commentin on all ov yor blogs but we concentratin on gettins the little sis all settled in buts we are readin them even if we don’t be leavin comments. Fanks fer beings such understandin, wonderful furiends.




  1. I so sorry fur gettin' heres so late...I so wanted to meet hers furst thing. But I is here now to gives Ronii a big, huge welcome to da bloggie world. Her gonna loves it once hers gets used to us.


  2. Hi, Richie!
    I am very happy to know everything is going well with Ronii!
    Did she pee on your nose?? Ooops! I guess your nose was in the wrong place at the wrong moment!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  3. Glad to hear Ronnii is settling in so well. Nothing quite like a peeing contest to get feeling right at home:)

    We have been wondering about Miss Mayzie too. Hope all is OK.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  4. Tell Miss Ronni to take her time. I understand about being a little shy - believe it or not I used to be quite shy! We are just all so excited to have her with us! And we still love you too, Richie!

    Your pal, Pip

    P.S.: I can't wait to see her Christmas outfit.

  5. So glad your sissi, Ronnie is settling in! We think she's gonna do just fine!

    Woofs and Kisses!
    The Fiesty Three

  6. Just met your little sister on her blog. She is really cool. I bet you are going to have fun together!

  7. We're looking forward to seeing pics of you two together and reading about all the fun you'll have! Bet you make a cute pair!

    The Road Dogs


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