Friday, 26 November 2010

Frankies Pawrents Pressies

Furst ov all a BIG Fank Yu to Frankie fer hosting this fun event it is soo kewl ov yu dude !


Okays Fer Ma

1st fing I would gets her would be a ranch in Bandera, Texas not a mahoosive one but wivs enough land fer her to havs some horses and go riding in da hill country. She loves Texas wiv all her heart and would loves to live dere one day , if she could not live in Bandera she would get a house in da Woodland in Hooston so she could be near her very bestest furiend in da whole wide world as she misses her big muchly.

2nd fing I would getz her would be hair extenshuns as she hates her hair short and misses having long hair

3rd fing I would gets fer her would be a uber kick butt digital SLR camera as she luvs to take photys ovs me n Ronnii.

Dere are so many ovver fings I would likes to get fer her dat I wood wear my paws out puttin em all on here so I shall moves on to Pa now.


Fer my Pa I would buy hims an Aston Martin DB5 as hims does love dem so much


den I would gets him a big huge mega powerful tescalope so hims could star gaze to hims hearts content, hims might even see da man in da moon


( ohh Spooky da man in da moon look like da Queenies son )

and den I woulds buy him a proper litesaber not a replica butts a real live one kos me just knows he would adore dat.

Again dere be lots ovs fings I could putz down for hims but I would be here evven longer den……….BOL !

So Happy Friday Evvery body




  1. Hi Richie - I sure hope your parents get all these gifts and more. I especially hope your mom gets to go to Texas and see her best friend!

    Your pal, Pip

    P.S.: I will be posting the final Gnome battle on Saturday and will see you there, my friend.

  2. You have great taste in shopping! I bet your mom and dad would be thrilled to get those things, but having you is probably even better!

    Thank you so much for Blueberry's button! That is just so perfect for her!


  3. What a list of khool pressies!

    I'm sure your pawrents will be tikhkled with all of them!


  4. I am sure they'd be happy having those pawesome things!
    I hope your wishes come true!
    Kisses and hugs

  5. This is so much fun!

    Happy Turkey Day!



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