Thursday, 25 November 2010

The Story Of Me

Furst ov all let me say a big FANK YU to Frankie for hostin dis Fanksgiving Story ov Me . . . . Nice One Frankie !


Happy Turkey Day fer all ovs yu across the big pond, hope yu all havs a great day wivs lots ov Yummy Noms


I is supposed to write abouts my adoption but I can’t really do that as I have not been adopted. So I will start at the beginning so you know the whole story about how I can to live wiv my Ma.

I was collected from the dog pound in early August by a sooper lady called Eileen, we don’t know fully how I came to be in the pound just I was found tied up. Eileen tooked me to her house and there was lots of other dogs there and I got on well wiv all of them but my best friend there was Rio Beanie Pocket Dragon who is a Chinese Crested Puppy.

rio n me


When I first got to Aunty Eileen's I didn’t realise she was part of the Wonderful Rescue group called The Little Dog Rescue but I soon learned all about it from the other dogs. Aunty Eileen cared for me as if I was one of her own like Rio, she loved me, hugged me, kept me clean and fed me very well. I had to have a check at the vets because as you may know I have only one eye and one test-a-ma-cal, bad toothies, a huge wart on my nose and I have problems with my feet. So off I was taken to the vets who then found out I also had a serious heart condition so I could not haves surgery to fix my teeth, wart or nadger and I have to take heart medicines too.

Because of all my problems and my age ( around 12 to 13 ) the lovely ladies at The Little Dog Rescue decided I should not be put up for re homing but should become a sponsored doggy instead. This means I will always belong to The Little Dog Rescue and they will pay for my medical bills and be responsible for me as long as I live. Now Aunty Eileen knew that Ma was looking for a companion/bruvver for Angel Sista Molly so I was taken round to visit for a while. Well me and Molly hit it off really well which was pawesome as Molly was very choosy and she chose me to be her bruvver………. I was so happy that she wanted little me to be her very own bruvver.

Sadly as you know this was not meant to be as my Sweet Sister had to leave for the Rainbow Bridge before I got here. As you can imagine Ma n Pa were absolutely devastated beyond words. But through their sadness they decided that because Molly had chosen me for herself they still wanted me to come and lives with them. So I did and I have not looked back ( well I do now and then and when I do I thank Molly for choosing me ), I get so much attention and fuss becos Ma is here all day and now I have a new sista Ronnii. So I get to spend the rest of my life with my Ma, Pa and Ronnii surrounded by love and lots of snuggles. I may not belong to them officially like Ronnii does but as far as they and I am concerned I am theirs and they are mine.





  1. There are lots of ways to belong to someone and I would agree that you definitely belong with your ma and pa and Ronnii!

    Your pal, Pip

    P.S.: be sure to let Minna Krebbs know you put up this post so you can be entered into her contest and maybe win money for the Little Dog Rescue

  2. Oh Richie. That's a beautiful story. You are one lucky pup to get to live with your mum and dad and Ronnii! Thanks for sharing it with us :-)

  3. You told your story so well, Richie. We are so glad that you have found a wonderful home to spend the rest of your days.

    Happy Thanksgiving from all of us.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara, and the Momster Kathie too

  4. Yes, Pip is right about Minna Krebs.
    Now Richie I FURST want to thank you and Ronnii fur that WONDERFUL badge you made fur Blueberry. I have it up already for my Post Tomorrow!!! You are the most wonderful of wonderful. I'm just sayin'.
    And speakin of wonderful... your story is just so fantastical. I KNOW in my Heart that Angel Molly Knew eggs actly what she was doing. That one was more than SPECIAL. She PLANNED. I KNOW she did. She Intended fur you to be right there when YOU were NEEDED MOST. Richie your story just sparkles with MAGIC DUST!!!! Thank you fur sharing it with everybuddy. SIGH

  5. I just love your story Richie, and getting to see fotos of your best furrend Rio! And OF COURSE I just love, love, love da Snoopy and Woodstock comics!


  6. Hi, Richie!
    Officially or not you belong to Ma and Pa, and Molly and Ronnii!
    I loved reading your story!
    Happy Thanksgiving!
    Kisses and hugs

  7. What a great tale of your tail!

    Thanks fur sharing!


  8. Bless ya Richie, it was a real pleasure to have you stay for a while, Rio still misses his cuddles but I'll bring him round to see you again soon!
    Lots of love to you and Ronnii and your Ma & Pa too, big hugs Auntie Eileen xx

  9. Oh dears...Rio made my mum's heart skip a beat...her loves then Chinese Crested dogs!
    Now Richie, you do belong to your ma and belong to their hearts and dat is way more important than anything else written on papers. They has made a wonderful home fur you and I am so thankful to da Little Dog Rescue fur bringin' you to your family.
    And Molly will always be remembered...we loved her so much.


  10. This is a wonderful story! I agree that it doesn't matter what papers say - you belong to them and they to you! You are a most lucky pirate doggie to have such a wonderful family!!! And I have to say... you don't look a day over six to me!


  11. You are at your forever home Richie.. that i am sure. Your pa and ma are very nice people and with Ronnii... you all make a very nice big happy family.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you Richie... Ronnii.. Ma and Pa too!

  12. Oh, it's so wonderful that you got to go to the best home in the whole world with the most loving people for a little doggy like yourself. I remember when Molly was expecting you and then the shock of Molly going to the bridge when she did. I'm just so glad that you and your parents (sponsored, foster, whatever - they're your parents anyway) and you were able to be there for each other. Love is always the answer.

    lotsa licks, Lola

  13. Oh, Richie! I just luved learning all abouts your story. And you're right - you all belongs to each other even if you don't have the oh-fishal papers. I also wanna say that I think your momma and daddy are awfully wonderful peoples to open their hearts and their home to you. I'm sending you all brindle snugglies!

    Wiggles & Wags,


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