Sunday, 12 December 2010

Rudy The Guide Dogs Crimbo Giveaway-Competition

Rudy the Guide dog is havin a giveaway competition wivs lots of wonderful prizes fer doggys n hoo-mans. Please go to Rudy’s bloggy and check it out. Ronnii has posted her little poem in Rudys comments section but I am sure she will put it up on a post as well. Me I havs also written a poem and I will be posting it after midnight (GMT) it is called …. oh my dogness it doesn’t havs a name yet.




  1. I just love your snowy header, Richie!

  2. You made a POEM?? I think those are very much hard to do. I can't wait to read yours and Ronnii's too.
    Hey I want to thank you fur volunteering to make the badge thingys fur Blogville Cabinet Secretaries.
    Sooooo I was thinkin... would you and Ronnii like to be our Secretaries of Signs and Badges??? I L O V E signs you know so I think this is a very much impawtant Cabinet pawsition. I hope you two will accept. Let me know.

  3. Oh, I am headed over to read sweet Ronnii's poem right now.

    Your pal, Pip


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