Tuesday, 11 January 2011

My Mango Minster 2011 Entry

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I wasn’t sure which section I should enter butt after much talkin wivs Da Momster n Sista Miss Bossy Knickers we decided it should be da Good Ol’ Boy Section. Why I hears yu all bark ? Well lets me elaborate further

Under dis headin is

1. Is yor nickname Bubba ?  Well no butts I do havs ova nicknames such as Stinky, cuddle bunny ( pleese don’t asks ), Captain Sprinkles, and occasionally I gets called LEAVE dunno why tho….BOL

2.   Is your favourite activity lounging about watching football or the home shopping network on the picture box ?

I havs to say I luvs to lounge, in fact I has made it my mission in life to lounge whereva and when eva I can and whom eve I can

as yu can see


On Sistas Butt


On Da Momster


On Sistas Butt Again


On Cute Tiddley-Peeps.

3.  Are your beds placed strategically so as not to strain yourself actually walking should you feel a nap coming on?

Well I has two couches wivs blankies on, a bed beside da radiator next to my preferred couch, two vet bed fluffys in fronts ovs da telly box and a big brown bed rite in front ovs Da ova couch. Add to dat I has Da Momsters bed which she finks is hers butts is really mine so I fink I has dat covered.

4.  Do you fart and / or snore with great abandon?

Well I can’t say I has beard me snore butts I has been tolds I do perhaps dis may helps. Da audio is me snoring ( Da Momster dids tapes me how evil is dat ?

As fer da Fartin well I confess I lets my gas out evry chance I gets an it makes Da Momster runs fer cover or pass out an sista hides her nose wen I lets it out or she runs away


Sista hidin her nose from da noxious fumes from my butt……BOL

5. Do you drink beer and eat beef jerky?

I try my bestest to gets beer butt I is thwarted in my attempts by Da Wicked Momster who says its bad fer me butts wen she not around well yu know how us guys can be. I luvs jerky ovs all flavours n I adores a good nommy bone







6. Are you an easy going, whatever, kind of guy or gal?

I be most easy goin Da Momster says so therefore it must be true , I never lets fings gets to me or worry me, I even chilled outs now about tho whizz, bang, flashy fings dat fly in da sky on July 4th n Nov 5th. Dey used to freek me outs big stylee butts now I just snuggle in da blankie n ignores dem so me be a most chilled outs dog.

7. Do your humans ever tell you, "You're just a good old boy ?

My Momster is always tellin me I am a good boy well except wen I is bein a pickle, dis doesn’t happen often tho fankfully. Wen we goes up to sleepy at nites we has speshul snuggles an I gets told I am da bestest, goodest boy in da whole yooniverse which makes me feel uber happies.

I fink dat abouts covers all da sections. I don’t minds if I don’t win or anyfing cos I has had funs makin my entry n I finks Angel Sista Molly would be most pleased wivs my entry which means da world to me. If it wasn’t fer Angel Sista Molly choosin me to be her bruvver I wouldn’t be here to do an entry at all so dis is fer both ovs us .


Good Lucks to every one who is enterin




  1. Richie! You have my vote for sure! You almost lost me after that picture of you and the little girl (SO CUTE). But that video was the absolute best! Once I finish up with this whole race thing, I think we should have a snoring contest! I think I could give you a run for your money - I snore LOUD! Oh and that picture of Ronnii holding her nose ...I know this is post is about you, but that picture is the cutest!

    Your pal, Pip

  2. Great entry,Richie. We loves your Tiddley Peeps - what a cutie. Great video - you sure do snore:)

    Lots of luck in MM.

    Woos~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  3. excellent post. You will need to wait until momma returns from the workplace for it to show up in the sidebar, but you are IN! Good luck.


  4. Richie, I think you've got a good chance! Your entry was great. We wish you lots of good luck!


  5. Wow, Richie! I think you should win just for your snorin'! That was Most Impressive!

    Good luck!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  6. Pawesome entry, Richie!
    I loved your "snoring" video!
    Good luck!
    Kisses and hugs

  7. I came back to watch the video again! BOL! Just as funny the second time around.

    Your pal, Pip

  8. You are definitely a Good Ol' Boy! We're looking for Ronnii in the Diva category. Excellent, well organized and beautifully crafted entry. And you have even more beds than we do! Good luck!

    Jed & Abby

  9. Great entry. U sure do have a lot of places to sleep. I has to make do with rugs on the floor. I can see I needs to have a talk with my Mommy. ~Fenris


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