Tuesday, 25 January 2011


Da Momster is at end ovs her tevver wivs me moanin, she knows it’s not my fault but it gettin her down now n I really cants stop myself. It’s just Ronnii smells so delicious to me. So today after me moanin for two hours solids her dids take me out we wents into town on da bus and we visited Da Popster at work, den we went to see Chrissy n Linda at da shop but I went all shouty there too. Moms finks it because  our house n all ovs moms jumpers n stuff smell likes Ronnii too poor Momster ! Den we wents on a long bus ride all round town n we hads a walk on our local ( safe fer small dogs ) field which has beautiful views ova da sea before we headed down da road to da harbour. We had a walk on da beach n Mom let me havs a little run off lead which was most kewl till da sea chased me n me didn’t like dat one bit so I did shout at it. After dat we walked ups the hill which is da old high street n headed fer da bus station, when we gots on da bus me fell asleep n Da Momster nodded off too daft ol fing dat her is……bol. Butt luckily her did wake up in time to ring da bell fer our stop. When we got in Ronnii was most happy to see us butts off I went into whinge mode again butt fankfully all da exershun ovs da mornin has shattered me so I is havin da odd quiet moment too ( can yu hear Da Momster cheerin ? ). Now dis is all well n good butts Da Poor old Momster is absolutely pooped out now I jus be so fankful her does luvs me loads cos lots ovs people woulds hav given up on me by now





PeeS. Fank Yu all fer your kinds forts from yesterday I didn’ts want to go into detail too much butts if yu wants to know all abouts it yu can read abouts it on Da Momsters bloggy HERE.


  1. Poor Richie... you have certainly hit a ruff patch fur sure. These girrrrl dawgs do KNOW how to drive us guys... SQUIRRELLY... Shiver

    At least you got to have a super fun day OUT with your momster.

    PeeS... Ronnii isn't doing this on purpose. THINK .... APRIL!!!

  2. Richie, we read your Mom's blog and we are so proud of her - she was very brave. Lucky she didn't get hurt. We think that bad dog may have picked up Ronnii's special scent on you. Male dogs can be very nasty during this time. We are so glad you were OK, and the Mom too. Only a few more days and life will be back to normal.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  3. Richie - you're sure have a tough time over there, huh? Poor guy! All the frustration! Hope things are back to normal real soon. We're gonna have to go over and see what your Mom got up to!

    The Road Dogs

  4. Richie,

    Your mom ROCKS!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  5. Hi Richie,

    I am so glad you are alright after your ordeal yesterday. Boy am I jealous that you are a bus ride away from the sea. Mama and me can't think of anything as wonderful as that!

    Your pal, Pip

  6. awww, richie, dude, sometimes life is lemony instead of lemonade-y. at least that's what my mama says. it'll get better very soon like, though!!

    the booker man

  7. I'm glad nobody was hurt in your skirmish yesterday!


  8. Hi, Richie!
    Glad you had a very nice time with your Mom!
    The bus ride and the park, and the beach!
    I understand she was tired!
    Now, it is a day less of Ronnii's heat session...
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  9. what a day, you need a vacation after all that. Bus ride, girls!!
    Benny & Lily

  10. Buck up, old boy! It may not seem like it, but you're going to live through this. And won't have to do it again. Maybe your mum could get you some calming pills to help you over these last few days?

    Jed & Abby


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