Thursday, 3 February 2011

Has Yu Seen What She has Done Now ?

My soppy, silly sista has advertised fer a fella ? Can yu believes dat ? Well all I has to say on da subject is any potential beaus will havs to gets past me. I havs very high standards fer my sista, not just any dog will do yu know….. Butt me finks she has her eye on someone already cos I did catch her lookin at Valentine cards . Big soppy one wiv pink love hearts on dem n all manner ov silly love struck puppies n stuff



her likes da soppy ones butt me I fink dees one be more fun




nd I did find one just perfect fer a certain someone

doggy_valentines_card-p1377470491168679748g3x_500 ………BOL.

Now onto somefing serious Da Momster founds a list ovs da top 10 weirdest dog toys nd she said to Popster she should get me da one at number one !  I hopes she was jokin ! Now if yu is ovs a delicate nature please do not click on da LINKY, I has cropped dis photy fer decencies sake….BOL


Dere be some very odd toys designed fer us yu know but dere be one designed speshully wiv Puddles in minds it is number seven on da list we is going to try n gets one.





  1. Oh My Dogness! That top one is....surprising to say the least. I think Puddles might like the beer and on the other paw might be kind of mad when there's no actual beer there. Anyhoo...lots of most interesting stuff there.

  2. They don't make the beer toy around here anymore! My momma has looked and looked and looked because she knows she saw it before, so she finally asked and they said that there is a lawsuit from the real beers company and they had to take them off the shelves! I wish we knew, we would have bought them all! BOL!

  3. Well Richie, I'm thinkin you will need to have an APPLICATION FORM made up and have the BoDawgs Fill it out... fur your approval.. before the even LOOK at Ronnii. Better make plenty of copies though.

  4. Sisters are a handful I'll tell ya
    Benny (& Lily)

  5. Tee hee! We've seen that toy somewhere before! I think we've seen the Grrrona somewhere, too, but I can't remember where!

    I don't think you have a chance of stopping Ronnii in her quest for love!


  6. Sisters do this? Oh dear -- what in the world will Ozabella do? I may need your assistance in this matter, my friend!

  7. I think Puddles might like #6, too. Bawhahahaha!!! She could drink a beer while in her bikini! BOL!!!

    Your pal, Pip

  8. I know you are going to do your best for Ronnii!
    Those toys are pawesome!
    The first one is... interesting!
    But the lips are my fav!
    Kisses and hugs


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