Sunday, 27 February 2011

Oh What A Banquet !

I has had da most pawesome time at da banquet, I has heard some fantabulous speechyfyin ( my little sis didn’t do too bads at all she dids comes to me fer a little help but only a little ). Dere has been da bestest music from Pepsi n Paws Bang dem really rocked da house and Da High Rollers were amazin too. Ohh da noms I has had ……….. I is droolin just finkin about it all Miss Pickles Bar B Q was most delishus ands I looks forward to more ovs dat later ( I is hopin she can makes Ronniis Birfday Pawty cos we is Bar B q-in den so I will need lessons ), dere has been cookies , cupcakes, bald peanuts, fried peanuts and da most yummy tacos, yu names it we has had it n nommed it all. We has drinks ovs all colours n flavours n most ovs it makes da legs go all wobbly I can tell yu. Fankfully my legs behaved dem selves every time dat I has danced wivs da lovely Miss Minna, Ohhh her is so light on her feet and her does dance like an angel, wanna knows a secret ? Her smells divine likes roses and strawberries mmmmmmmmmm and her feels just perfect in my paws , she fits just right . Ohhh be still my beating heart . I just can’ts help it my heart was pounding so loud I fort Miss Minna woulds hear it fankfully she didn’t tho. It’s nice to gets to know her more cos da more I gets to know da more dere is to luvs.

Da ladies dids put on a sooper di dooper fashion show such beauty n grace from dem all it was a sight to see fer sure butt I did hear a strange rumour dat dere was trouble backstage wivs a somefing or ovver I dunno butts dey all came back out again n looked fine to me. Jazzi did look rather fetchin a pink sparkly cowgirl hat it suited her a lots I must say.

Ohh My paws ache somewhat butts dat won’t stops me from whirlin my beloved around da dance floors again, I am not up to Roo’s line dancin sadly butts a sedate graceful waltz or a passionate Tango and I is your dog

Oh I has spotted my lady luv again so I must dash now I fancy trying a rhumba or maybe a bossa nova…………. here I go….

Butt before I go could we , do u fink we coulds hav a quiet moment to remember our furiends who are not wivs us anymore like Emmitt, Trixie, Angel Sista Molly, Luke, Max, Ellie, Dorcus, Digby and many, many, many, many others dat we has known and luvved





  1. Some weren't as graceful as others on da runaway...hehehe!
    I am so happies dat you had such a wonderful time dancing withs Minna...her is a special girl fur sures.
    What a most terrific post Richie!


  2. I am so glad you had some one on one time with Minna. She is definitely a keeper!

    And I agree, the food was amazing - especially the barb-e-que and the tacos!

    Your pal, Pip

  3. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN.... COULD I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION FUR A SECOND. Richie would like to ask fur a moment of silence fur those who have Crossed The Bridge. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    THANK YOU!!!! Let the pawty continue...

    Psssssst... Richie... you should be careful about tellin that you were Whiffin and Sniffin.. on your furstest Date.. I'm just sayin. ... NOW... go Get that Gal and enjoy a few more dances... before we all have to go.

  4. I bet Ronnii Rocket's good at the bossy nova! :o)

  5. Hi, Richie!
    The Banquet sure was a pawesome event, right?
    You are very nice thinking of those who are no longer with us!
    I will have a bowl of water to honor them!
    Kisses and hugs

  6. The banquet was fur sure a lot of fun, I'm so glad all of us could make it!


  7. Hi Richie!Wow it sounds like it was a wonderful banquet! We are glad you had such a wonderful time!!


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