Tuesday, 1 March 2011

We Gots A Pawcel

We did gets a pawcel today ! Whats even more excitamagatin is we wasn’t expectin one at all and den we dids sniff da box n it smelt of  3 dogs , One smelt small ,  black & white n uber cute, anuvver smelt like a stunnin dark collie / triever mix n the last one smelt likes a beeyooteous law inforcin gal…………. Guess yu all know who we is talkin abouts don’t yu ? it was from Phoenix, Cali, Zona and dems Momster. How pawesome was dat ?


It was a hooj big box n had funky blue stickys on it and it was addressed to Momma Tea, Richie & Ronnii, We hads to wait like 87 hours fer Da Popster to gets home before we coulds open it so yu can imagine we has been pickles while waitin….bol.

So Da Pops gets in n we opens da box and we all goes OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH



How pretty does that look ?


Pink to makes da boys wink fer Ronnii and Blue fer me cos I is butch n macho !

Inside da pretty pinks tissue paper was da cutest pinkest bird I ever dids see


Ronnii dids name her Peetunia n her says she is takin her to beds wiv her tonite.

Well now inside da butch n manly blue tissue paper was somefing fer me n it was long n green n smiley n it squeeks


I has gots my very own loofah dog hims is called Rooobarb n I is gonna sneak hims into bed tonights n hope Da Moms does roll on him n makes him squeek cos dat will be so funny.

Miss Zona Moms we do luvs our pressys Fank Yu so much.

Butts…………. dats not all cos dere was more in da box n it was fer Da Momster ( as yu know by now her be an Emotional Blub Monster at da moment so dis dids set her offs again )


Dere was all sorts of goodies fer Moms in it, dere was speshul skin calmin cream ( which I tried to lick off Mom so I knows it is good, well it tasted good anyhoo ), dere was chocolates fer Mom to noms on, a puzzle book, Burts Bee lip balm ( which Moms adores ), some uber fluffy socks ( again Moms loves dem sort ov socks) , some speshul tea to aids sleepies which Da Moms does havs problems wivs. I can testify to day cos I sleeps wivs her n her is always disturbin me wivs her tossin n turning n chuckin da covers off cos her is hot she is a nitemare to sleeps wivs so yu can be sure she will be tryin dat out tonight so I gets a decent nites sleep. Dere was uber cute little marshy mallow chicks which looked so tasty butts we is not allowed dem ( BOO ), some ovs her favourite life saver mints ( very good when she is feelin a bit sicky ) and a very pretty n tinkly sounding wind chime dat has flutterbyes on it and which is hanging up in da kitchen already.

Now How pawesome is Zona, Cali , Phoenix n Miss Jill ?

Family - Small

So to yu all Zona, Phoenix, Cali, Miss Jill and Hubby a big mahoosive Fank Yu from da bottom ovs my chavvie heart, from da depths ov Ronnii’s Yorkie heart and From Da Momster a Mahoosive Fank Yu and much luvs. It meant so much to her, it was put togevver wivs such fortfullness n carin. Just when she fort dat nuffin else coulds surprise her yu sended dis and her was surprised, shocked, overwhelmed , happy and moved..

Wivs Much Luvs, Licks, snuggles, waggy tails n snuggles

Richie, Ronnii n Momma Tea

xx  xx    xxxxxx    xxx     xxx



  1. Wowzers!!! What a wonderful box of pressies for all! That Zona and her family are just so nice. Hope everyone enjoys their gifts.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  2. Look at all that awesome stuff!! Lucky you
    Benny & Lily

  3. OH... I have been waiting allllll day to see what was in the PAWcel.. butt I never ever did dream it would be ALL OF THAT!!! My eyes are all leaky and my nose is {SNIFFFFF} running like a squirrel with its tail on fire.
    Those are three of the mostest bestest sweetest of Dawgs... EVER!!! Perfect toys fur you two... and OH the wonderful stuffs fur your momma. C.P. & Z's. pressies fur YOUR momster ... has turned MY mom into a Blub Monster too!!! {SIGH}
    See this is how it is... if you are GOOD to others... OTHERS will be GOOD to YOU. And you are the GOODEST of them all.

  4. Wow!! How nice and what a great surprise!
    ~Milly and Shelby

  5. What wunderful pressies all of you gots! Zona and her family is so nice. :)

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

    PeeS Frankie is right you are the GOODEST of them all!

  6. I'm so glad you like your pressies. I don't understand the tea and mints one bit - seems kinda boring to me! Now those toys... those are pressies I can get on board with! I don't have a fancy bird OR a loofah doggie but my little cousin Mesa has a loofah doggie and she LOVES it! She sleeps with it every night! You'll have to let me know if they're good bed buddies!

    Anywho... I'm glad it arrived and made you all smile... no more blubbering today! Just relaxing and squeaking those toys!


    PeeS - I hope this goes through... I'm on mom's work computer because that's all she does lately and won't let me blog... but it's giving me strange messages. Crazy computer.

  7. Wow! Those are some great pressies! My mom likes all those things, too, especially the chocolate! Snuggle up and enjoy all your wonderful treats and toys! And of course, you know we echo Frankie and Maggie Mae - what you give you out, you get back!

    Love, Pip

  8. Hi, Richie!
    They sent you all pawesome presents!
    I have a green loofah too! It is pawesome, right?
    I am sure all those things will help your mom feel better!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs


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