Sunday, 27 March 2011

Prize Draw and Parcel

May I havs your attenshun please dog, cats, hoo-mans & furry furiends ovs all species.  We has an announcement to makes, after all ovs your wonderful kindness, generosity and general all time sooper di dooper-ness Da Lovely Sugar has had 3 sooper speshul  dog tags made up , two are fer JD & Max  and da 3rd one she has donated it for a prize draw. Everyone who pawticipated in da Crossed Paws  fun events will be entered into dis draw for dis uber kewl tag


and Ronnii & me will choose da lucky winner from a hat ( well a tub ). Dere is 106 names on da list and we has given all ovs dem a number and da numbers are whats going in da hat (well da tub ). So here is da list and da numbers.

1 Amber Daweenie

2 Amber Mae

3 Anna the GSD

4 Anny

5 Asta

6 Barbara

7 Bart

8 Benny and Lily

9 Bobo and Meja

10 Booker

11 Bunny

12 Capie the Eskie

13 Captain Nemo

14 Chef Elaine

15 Chip

16 Christmas and the girls

17 Chubbs

18 Ciara

19 Coby's Creations

20 Coco

21 Corbin

22 DaWeenies of Florida

23 Deborah

24 Fiona and Dr Liz

25 Fluffy

26 Frankie

27 Frankie Furter

28 George

29 Ginger

30 Gizmo

31 Gracie

32 Gracie Lynn

33 Jazzi

34 Jess and Glacier

35 Jo and Stella

36 Keisha

37 Keisha

38 Kelly

39 Khyra

40 Kitty

41 Kylie and Jimmy and Mom

42 Lacy

43 Levi and Dillon

44 Levi Mac

45 Lilibell's Couture

46 Lily Jayne

47 Lola

48 Lorenza

49 Madi and mom

50 Maggie and Milshelb

51 Maggie Mae

52 Mango

53 Marcy and Ollie

54 Max

55 Mayzie

56 Melissa

57 Melissa and Amber-Mae

58 Milshelb mom

59 Mimi Roo

60 Minna Krebbs

61 Minnie

62 Minnie and Mack

63 Mollie and Bobo

64 Mona

65 Mona and the mommy

66 Morgan

67 Mr Pip

68 MsAnomoly

69 Nadine, Chewy and Lilibell

70 Neeko

71 Noodles

72 Oskar

73 Pam

74 Pearl and Daisy

75 Pepsi

76 Phantom

77 Pip

78 Puddles

79 Punchy

80 R

81 Ruby

82 Ruby and Penny

83 Rudy and his Raiser

84 Sagechrionicles

85 Sammy and Andy

86 Sandy

87 Sarge

88 Shasta

89 Shiloh

90 Siku Marie, White Dog

91 Sugar

92 Thai

93 The Beaglebratz

94 The Hound Dogs

95 The Popounettes

96 The Road Dogs

97 The Slimmer Pugs

98 The White Dog Army

99 Three Dogs Long

100 Thunder

101 Toby Moses

102 Tucker

103 Tucker

104 Vicki

105 Weenie

106 Wyatt.

How long is dat list ?

Well will be drawing da name out tonights and postin da winner in da morning so come and check in wivs up den. Dis is sooooooo excitamagating.

Also dis weeks da mailman did knock at my door wivs a pawcel fer me ! Can yu  guess who it was from ? Well I had a good sniff n I fort I could smell a certain woodworkin aroma, Ronnii said she coulds smell deer antlers & boy dog smell. So who could it pawssibly be ? Well it from none ovver dan our very good furiend

Scout & F_

Frankie Da Mayor ovs Blogville. Now dis mades us very excited  indeed cos he hads told us to expect a pawcel from him. We opened da box so quicks dat Da Momster could not gets any photys and inside was truly wonderous fings . Dere was a big box of milkbones ! ! ! ! ! !  We don’t gets dem here so we is looking forward to tryin dem . Next dere was a can of Easy Cheese again we don’t gets dat here so YAY cos we knows all fings cheesy are always nommy. Then der was a red holder to puts da milk bone in befores yu put da easy cheesy on top to makes da milk bone sundae.  How lip smackingly nommy lichious does all ovs dat sound we cant’s wait to try it out so wivout further ado here is our finished Sundae befores we eated it



and here is whats left ovs it after I hads licked all da nommy cheesy off……….Bol.




MMMMMMM yummy butt I am gonna save da milk bone fer bedtime, Da Moms always lets me hav a snack in bed before we go to sleep, I has to eat it on top ovs da covers or I gets crumbs in da bed……………….bol. Dere was somefing else in da pawcel from Frankie butt me is going to lets Ronnii tells yu about that on her posty tomorrow butts it is most speshul too.







  1. Hiya Richie - oooh, it's all very exciting. That milk bone sure looked good with the nommy cheesy topping - droooooollll!!! We can't wait to find out who's gonna win the other 2 super-cool tags from Sugar!

    Schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max.

  2. As official bribers, I mean Gaming Commisioners, we believ # 8 won
    Benny & Lily

  3. Oh,this is most exciting.I am not sure I will even be able to sleep tonight! Be back in the morning. That Sundae from Frankie sure does look yummy!

    Your pal, Pip

  4. OMD... Richie I don't EVEN know where to begin.
    Did you see what BENNY and LILY said??? Those two will stop at NOTHING when there mom isn't watchin!!! I'm just sayin.
    AND.... What's up with THIS??? WHY??? WHY I ask you is Stink Head SARGE sitting on MY (Frankie Furter) favorite Number??? He is such a Tooter Butt!!!
    OHHHHHHHHH I am so very much glad that you liked the Squirt Cheese. I think it is grrrreat ... even PLAIN... It is good that you are savin your Milkbone fur later... I like to eat mine about 9:00 in the evening.
    Now I am gonna have a terrible time sleeping... just waiting to see WHO the lucky winner will be... AND to see what Ronnii has to tell us..hehehe..
    You are the MASTER of exciting posts Richie!!
    I love the pretty Springy look of your blog.

  5. That is a pretty special dog tag :)
    That Sugar, is furry furry nice! So is Frankie for that milkbone kit!!


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  7. How nice to get a surprise pressie!

  8. That sugar girl is one kind pup. Thats a pawsome tag and will look fabulous on the winner!

  9. Hi, Richie!
    The tags are pawesome!
    Good luck to everyone!
    And your cookie kit... wow! I know you are enjoying it a lot!
    Kisses and hugs

  10. Da cheesey milk bone sure does look yummies. Times for me to eat!


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