Saturday, 26 March 2011

Booooo It’s rainin

We is sorry we not been rounds much at da moment butts Moms is tired and has anuvver lot of zappin next week . Ronnii & me has been makin her rest lots n lots at da moment so she can deal wivs it easier cos has to havs enough OOOOMPH fer her young two legger’s prize giving next Friday. We are readin all your blogs n keepin up wivs all your news tho so don’t worry , it be a hard job makin dat Moms ovs ours do as her is told BUTT we is certainly dog enough fer da task  ( speshully Miss Bossy Knickers ).

We has has some loverly sunny days dis weeks n it has been fun bein able to just run in & out when we wanted too, Moms even put a rug on da sunny step so I wouldn’t havs to lay on da concrete when I did sunbathe. I have been laying in da sun a lot dis week n it has been sooooooo nice as yu can see.


Moms says ignore da weeds ( her leaves dem dere fer me to pee on ………………Bol ).


I luvs da sun on my ears I has to say & da only fing which would hav made it more perfick would hav been all ovs yu being dere wivs me.

Photo1432 - Copy

Is it me or does my wart seem to hav gotten smaller ?

Anyways today is is piddlin down wiv rain which is so not fun da garden is full ovs puddles ( no wet puddles not Puddle Duddle Puddles one ovs dem is enough I fink da worlds not ready fer anuvver one ), Percy is sulkin cos he has to be closed up so him dont get waterlogged n da back door is shut so we cant go in n out as we want so we is all snuggled on da couch wivs Moms.

I has to gets back to my Mom sittin duties now butts watch out fer my next post, I has to waits fer Da Popsters flashy box cos Da Moms has gone all hinky on her n cants do my excitamagtin post wivout photys




  1. Paws crossed for Mom to have an easy go of it this time. We love the sun too, but today we have rain/sleet/snow and it is cold and damp, tough to take when the snow won't stick to the ground as we would like it to do.

    When we see your handsome face, Richie, we don't even notice your warty.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  2. Richie has to be one of the cutest dogs I have ever seen. So much character in that face.

  3. Sending lots of feel good vibes to Momma Tea!!! How nice of her to leave those weeds for you to pee on!!! I bet that's why mom leaves weeds growing on our patio. I had no idea!! I'll have to get busy!

    Love your sunbathing pics!


  4. Aw Richie - rain is NO fun! The rain hasn't made it to us but it's been very overcast and bleak and cold - brrrr! Hey, we loved seeing you on the step in the sun - we'll join you there in our dreams tonight okay, we'll have some fun and maybe a good game of zoomies too!!

    Please give your mom a huge hug from us - we're very pleased that she has you to look after her.

    We wanna ask you to check out Khyra's Korner tomorrow please!!

    Schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max.

  5. Concentrate on getting the Mommy better, Richie! We're here for you when the Mommy gets all okays! & yep, you're looking good!


  6. Lots of love to you all.


  7. I sure hope things go well for your mom this week! I am sending her lots of yorkie love. And you enjoy that sun! it's sunny here, but FREEZING! My mom is busy cleaning the house since some potential buyers are coming to see the place tomorrow. Cleaning makes her kind of grumpy! Ugh!

    Your pal, Pip

  8. We is a sendin da good vibes all da way from Florida for your Mom. You looks so comfy in da sun. Enjoy.

  9. Please give your Mom lots of kisses and hugs from us, ok?
    Glad you enjoyed a nice time there in the sun!
    Take care

  10. Ooohh Richie, you looks soooo handsome in those fotos!

    I miss YOU and visiting round Blogville, butt da tax deadline is almost over with here, and then we will be back to normal (well as normal as my momma can be. Sigh )

    Love and hugs!


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